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This saves you material when renovating your old house

Modern living is often more convenient and efficient, but a little soul and panache may be missing. As a result, many of us dream of living in an old house, with romance and history in the stonework and an abundance of charm in the features. Living in an old home is not without its drawbacks, however – buyers are looking for fixer tops that require a lot of renovation and maintenance, and that can be costly. No matter if your old house needs a complete renovation or if you just want to keep the classic features without breaking the bank, here are some tips to help you.

Salvaged wood

If you are planning to renovate and renovate your property and want to make serious changes to the interior, make sure that you keep and reuse the original wood. From beams to planks, old doors or cladding to reworking and reusing the materials that you already have, you not only save time and money in the procurement of other woods, but also help to maintain the originality of the house Renovation is vital.

If you need extra wood, you can find it in several places. If you are lucky enough to live near the sea, driftwood makes a rustic and unique material to work with. If not, pallets, crates, shipping crates or waste wood from outbuildings or barns work well. In your neighborhood, keep an eye out for other homes that are being renovated – they may throw away high quality old wood!

Repair old windows

An easy way to get all the soul and character out of your old home is to replace the original windows with modern alternatives. This applies in particular to apartments with decorated stained glass windows, such as those found in old churches or art deco houses. Maintaining such details is key to preserve the original character of the building – its soul, so to speak. Remember, nothing looks as good as your original windows. So if you can, keep it.

Depending on the age of your home, they may need to be restored. However, experts agree that older windows are built to last, while newer windows have a lifespan of five years or less. Better materials are key here, nowadays new windows are made from all kinds of plastic hybrids and are full of toxic oil products (which can have serious environmental consequences if they land in a landfill after the warranty has expired). As much as a restoration costs, consider it an investment in the next hundred years of your home.

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Repaint kitchen cabinets

Instead of replacing the cabinets in the kitchen, try repainting them. Keeping the original features will keep the atmosphere of your kitchen alive and is an extremely inexpensive way to update and refine the appearance of the space (which studies have found to be the most social area of ​​our homes).

While painting the kitchen is a thrifty option, it does need some elbow grease, so roll up your sleeves! You will need to sand down any paint that is present and make sure the surface of the case is smooth. Apply a primer (which helps the paint stick together and create a smoother surface), and you’re ready to choose the perfect shade for your kitchen! Still, if you want to replace kitchen cabinets, try finding another purpose for them like garage storageinstead of throwing them out.

Quartz instead of granite

Granite has been the trendy option for flooring or kitchen countertops for many years. However, because of its longevity and low maintenance costs, more and more homeowners are turning to quartz for renovations.

Quartz does not require any sealant after laying, which reduces costs and costs. And since it’s artificial stone, cracking or breaking makes it easier to repair (or replace if you have stones or slabs). While the initial effort for granite and quartz is pretty similar, the maintenance and versatility of the latter make it a definitely inexpensive option in the long run.

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Carpet in the bedrooms

Hardwood floors are definitely the right thing, that is undeniable. But there are some areas of your home that are definitely better suited to the trusted carpet. The bedroom is one of these areas. There are many Benefits for the carpet in your bedroom. Carpet adds a cozy, cozy warmth, absorbs noise to aid in a good night’s sleep, and doesn’t get slippery when you have to make your way to the bathroom in the dark. In fact, it has been proven that less dust and allergens get into the air in carpeted rooms as they are trapped in the fibers and then safely vacuumed. Thermal insulation also means that you save heating and energy costs. For a restful, comfortable sleep and price-conscious luxury, you should have carpeted your bedroom.

Maintaining and renovating an older property is both challenging and rewarding. It’s important to strike a healthy balance between modernizing (in terms of functionality) and respecting the way your older, classic home was originally designed. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Just do a little renovation!