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Outdoor Bathrooms That Emanate Relaxation

An outdoor bathroom can be a wonderful addition to your garden, whether for rinsing off after swimming in the pool, working in the garden or simply enjoying nature. This outdoor spa would be a luxurious experience that will feel like a spa. Nothing feels nicer than a shower or even a bath in the great outdoors! Surrounded by lush tropical plants, tall grasses, rocks and even fences, consider building your outdoor bathroom in privacy.

There are numerous ways to do this, especially if you have the prying eyes of nearby neighbors. Below we have put together an extensive collection of images to give you some great inspiration on how you can transform your heavenly oasis into a private outdoor retreat for the senses.

Your space can be anything from rustic to modern, or you can even make it all outdoors with a little creative ingenuity. Vintage style bathrooms can exude an elegant atmosphere, the use of stone can make you feel like you are on a wonderful vacation. Outdoor bathing is a luxury experience that everyone should experience, as long as you have enough space in your garden and outdoor plumbing. Even a garden hose can be installed!

Your outdoor space can be a larger part of your indoor bathroom. Maybe your shower is indoors, but your bathtub is outdoors, nestled in rocks or surrounded by flagstones or bricks. Take a look below to find some incredible outdoor bathroom and shower ideas that will give you amazing inspiration. Let us know which one is your favorite!

As the line between indoor and outdoor spaces becomes increasingly blurred, wet rooms and outdoor bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular. Whether you fancy a refreshing shower under the blue skies or a relaxing bath under the twinkling stars, there is an endless selection of wet room and outdoor bathroom ideas to inspire every taste.

As well as being a luxurious garden or rooftop feature, an outdoor wet room or bathroom is extremely practical, particularly for those who have a swimming pool or live near a beach. It allows everyone to wash and dry themselves without entering the building, so sand and dirt are not dragged through the house.

When installing an outdoor wet room or bathroom, several important factors need to be considered such as privacy, plumbing, drainage and location. The installation process can be as simple or complex as you like depending on your needs and choice of design. An outdoor bathroom can mean many things, from a simple washtub filled via a hose to a sophisticated wet room facility that connects to a property’s hot and cold water supply and is connected to the sewage system.

This blog offers a variety of inspiring outdoor bathroom ideas that will transform your garden or backyard into an oasis of peace and tranquility.