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What Is a Lap Desk?

A lap desk is a small piece of furniture designed to fit over you lap as a desk you can place your laptop or work on. It can come in any size or shape you choose, and can either curve around your legs or have a cushion beneath it.

Why Should You Consider Purchasing a Lap Desk?

A lap desk is a great investment for when you’ve spent too much time in your office and want to finish your work in the living room, while you watch television or enjoy the company of your family. It can easily fit between the arms of an armchair, or rest on your lap while you recline on the sofa.

Lap desks are available in many designs and shapes to suit your needs, and you can decide yourself on the size, material, and thickness of the accessory. If you would prefer a cushion beneath the desk instead or a larger, contoured frame then there are many models to choose from, however cushioned desks may not be as stable as other designs.

Are There Any Downsides?

When you buy a lap desk you need to make sure you have somewhere to put it when you’re not using it, a cupboard or corner where it won’t get in the way. Depending on your preference the desk can be quite large, and therefore challenging to store.

A lap desk is not as stable or comfortable as a standard office desk. If you do find yourself slouching for prolonged periods of time, consider a fifteen minute break every hour.