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Modern table trends & ideas for 2020

There is one word that clearly describes the trends in the world of interior design up to 2020: diversity. No tendency goes over the other, and strong metals and precious woods live together with no more referees than our imagination and, hopefully, good taste.

Still go deep and rest in the wise advice of classic influential events like that Milan Design Week 2019 Among other things, there are some fairly identifiable elements that will appear in all areas of decor and furniture. A feeling of nostalgia for them Mid-century modern times, it somehow contrasted with the traditional countryand the standard Scandinavian;; the great return of marble;; the Rise of wood and metal surfaces;; and the use of natural, large plants I will definitely stay here until 2020.

When it comes to the universe of Tables, We can appreciate all of these elements that play with each other with freedom. Eclecticism is somehow present in every decor at the moment. Once again that Tulip tableis a recurring character with all its versions due to its versatility. Let’s take a look.

The lasting charm of the golden era. Practicality, beauty, style. All of the attributes traditionally associated with the mid-century modern style are, as it should be, in high demand. So, we will find in many ways too Saarinen Tulip tables and chairs; LeCorbusier chairs and sofas; and Eames furniture, just to name a few standards of the time, everywhere. High color contrasts in furniture and playing with softer colors on the walls are common.

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Whether in a classic presentation or in a further developed version, the Tulip Table and its influence on the design will be present in 2020 due to its versatility and adaptability to materials such as marble, wood and steel.

The marble and its big comeback. Since it is as brave as it sounds, it is absolutely true. Marble hits the ceiling in every possible piece of furniture in 2019, even renewed with the arrival of the new child in town: green marble (see photo). This magnificent stone will be present in modern tables, in its top or in its body. Its natural beauty, durability and shine blend seamlessly with the other dominant materials of the season: metal and wood to give us freshness and a sense of confidence and strength.

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The green marble, a new boy from Italy who is arriving from Italy, should remain in 2020. The marble is one of the preferred materials for modern tables. And even if it’s artificial, it will bring you a pleasant look and a clean space for work or dinner.

Wood and steel: partners in design. There is an urgent need for a more organic, harmonious environment, and you can see this in every aspect of our daily life. In 2019, the furniture will reflect the rise of wood and steel as the materials of choice. Both materials improve our senses not only by their appearance, but also by their texture and even the reaction to the weather. Copper and steel can exist in the same room without damaging more conventional perspectives. Metal surfaces in mosaics or carpets give us an enriched experience of texture and appearance and enjoy our senses.

On the other hand, natural, bare sources with the colors beige or cream dominate the eternal wood. The Scandinavian style remains extremely popular, combined with the emergence of a renewed and fresher country style.

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When it comes to tables, you can see that the same furniture model (a tulip table) can be easily adapted to steel or wood, whether in its body or in its top, and yet remains true to its design principles with elegance and versatility.

In wood there is a clear preference for clear, beige colors to create a lighter room. The Mid Century Modern furniture perfectly matches this requirement due to its characteristic simplicity. The ergonomic and clean landscape above and below refreshes the air and calms our senses.

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Bring nature in. Sometimes they are inside, sometimes they are outside and of course there is never room for the artificial ones. But in 2020, nature and especially large plants are welcome throughout the house, this time in large sizes. As a natural complement to the use of wood, marble and steel, the natural green and brown tones as well as their lush shapes and textures are more than well received. It’s about a feeling of freedom and somehow about crossing boundaries set in our limited, neat spaces. The traditional view of a delicate bouquet of flowers that crowns a side table gives up its dominance of a green and wilder presence in all rooms: living room, bedroom and hallways.

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Check out how a simple and in some ways minimalist furniture set is in some way infused with the plants and flowers that surround it, way ahead of the traditional bouquet. Rather, it’s an element of life that needs its right space. Even in traditionally narrow spaces such as a bedroom.

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The world of interior design in 2020 is increasingly aware of the complexity and paradoxes of the world we live in and plays a delicate game of contrasts. It strives for a balance in which no trend is superior to another and adheres to key principles that do not seem to go anywhere soon. Explosive nature and efficient furniture; shiny steel, majestic marble and fine wood; All of these elements mix in a nostalgic view of the past to learn and grow, and a dynamic present that looks forward to a more balanced and comprehensive future. And wonderful, we can see it in all these elements when we reach for our favorite book on our side Side table in our living room while we relax with our family.

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