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The 5 best vacuums for long hair

Do you have problems with long hair on your floors? These can be very stubborn and difficult to clean unless you have a highly efficient vacuum for the job.

Not all detergents can absorb long hair. Most of the time, this hair becomes tangled in rotating brushes and other accessories, making cleaning a nightmare.

Because of this, you need a unit specifically designed for this type of chaos. And because finding a suitable model can be a bit difficult, Max Kenyon of Clean That Floor made a list the 5 best vacuums for long hair. Read on to find out all about them, their features, and specifications.

The best 5 vacuum cleaners for long hair

Shark NV356E

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Shark is a well-known brand popular for its quality and affordable price. The Navigator and Rotator ranges offer some of the best and most versatile upright vacuum cleaners on the market.

The NV356E is an excellent device if you are constantly struggling with long hair on the floor. It features the brand’s Complete Seal technology and HEPA filtration, making it suitable for allergy sufferers.

It efficiently picks up dust, dirt, long and short hair as well as the smallest allergens and pollen. In addition, the vacuum cleaner has Never Loses Suction technology, which delivers constant performance.

Even so, the device is as light as a post can be. It has pivoting steering, making it much easier to maneuver around corners and obstacles.

The NV356E is suitable for hard floors and carpets and has a roller brush that you can turn off if necessary.


Suitable for all floor surfaces


Brushroll can be switched off


Tends to tip over (top-heavy design)

Bissell 9595a

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Bissell is another of the major brands in the industry. The 9595a is one of the best-selling units. It’s light, efficient, and ideal for pet owners.

It has the one pass technology and a pretty unique brush design that work together. As a result, the vacuum cleaner works more efficiently in less time compared to other Bissell units. It is a highly effective combination against long animal and human hair.

Another thing worth mentioning is the easy-to-empty dist tank. It makes it easy to empty the dirty components without touching them. In addition, the device has an impressive filter system with which only clean air can be expelled.

The powerful motor and the cyclone suction help to collect even the smallest particles from different types of soil.


For floors, stairs and upholstery

Strong suction

Easy-to-empty dirt container


Short extension hose

Hoover Linx battery stick

hoover-stick-vacuums-bh50010k-64_1000 The 5 best vacuum cleaners for long hair

If you’re more into cordless vacuums, consider this Hoover model. It’s a stick, so it can be more compact and practical depending on your needs and preferences.

This is ideal if you have family members or pets with long hair. It has powerful suction thanks to the brand’s WindTunnel3 technology, which does all the magic.

Even so, at just 7 pounds, it’s light and ideal if you have stairs. Because it’s so compact, you can stow it away easily, even if you usually struggle with storage space.

The handle is leaned back and placed at a steep angle, making it easy to reach under furniture as this is where most of the hair will build up over time. In addition, the cleaning path is about 30 cm wide, so you can cover more with a single pass.


For carpets and bare floors

Adjustable roller brush

Goes to all hard-to-reach areas


Difficult to empty and clean

Eureka AirSpeed

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Eureka is a popular, budget-friendly brand with several easy-to-use and efficient vacuum cleaners. The AirSpeed ​​is a robust device that is ideal for long hair, dirt, dust, allergens and pollen.

It’s a post with the brand’s unique, patented technology that makes the difference. More precisely, the device sends the suction to the nozzle via the hose instead. As a result, the suction power is higher and you can pick up more of that stubborn hair.

The best thing about this is that it works well on both carpets and hard floors. It comes with a blow bar, but you can turn it off if you clean soft wooden floors. In addition, it has soft rubber wheels that will not scratch or damage the surface.

It has five height settings and a long power cord that makes it easy to reach all corners and angles.


Super efficient and powerful

Rewind cable storage automatically

Easy to maneuver



Shark SV1106

51Nd008gHwL._SL1000_ The 5 best vacuum cleaners for long hair

The SV1106 is from the brand’s Navigator series, which includes some of the most popular models. It is a powerful unit that picks up both long and short hair from different floors in a highly efficient manner.

It weighs only 7 pounds and is cordless for maximum comfort and maneuverability. In addition, the runtime is a bit decent, so you don’t have to worry about constantly charging the battery.

The blow bar has two speeds, so you can choose depending on the flooring. The lower speed is intended for bare floors, while the higher speed makes the stubborn hairs of carpets more efficient.

It also comes with a fairly large dust cup that is easy to empty. You will not come into contact with the contents, although some of the dust may return to your breathing space.


Two brush speeds

Up to 20 minutes running time



No accessories included

Final thoughts

As you have probably noticed, these vacuum cleaners are quite versatile and easy to use. Most importantly, they efficiently remove long hair from carpets and bare floors.

You should consider your needs and preferences, as well as the space available for the device. Once you have thought about it, you can choose between these five vacuum cleaners.

All of this has significant advantages that can greatly simplify the cleaning process. Although they do have some setbacks, these are usually not as serious and should not affect suction.