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Kitchen design power tips to make your kitchen amazing

The heart of a family really resides in your kitchen, as this is where you prepare delicious and healthy meals. It is therefore important to design your kitchen for an inviting ambience that inspires you to prepare hearty meals every day.

This post will tell you the best design tips to make your kitchen awesome.

Don’t be afraid to try something new

Remember that there is no right or wrong in kitchen design if you find it pleasant, comfortable and practical. Design your kitchen according to your taste and your personality. It’s a way of expressing yourself and your style Click here for the first steps in designing a kitchen.

Design tips for kitchen lighting

Like enough storage space, a good design of kitchen lighting is crucial. Bring the best look to your kitchen worktops, cupboards and groceries with the right lighting. Cook and prepare delicious recipes with the right lighting so you can move around easily and safely.

Here are some helpful tips for designing kitchen lighting:

  • It is a good start to introduce LED lights into a kitchen design that offers energy savings and enough work light. The creation of layers of light through functional work lighting is important to make your kitchen look inviting and warm.
  • Install work lighting on countertops, sinks, built-in pantries, and kitchen islands. Avoid shadows when standing on islands and counters by placing lights around the room.
  • Make sure to highlight your beautiful kitchen furniture. It is also a good idea to illuminate dark corners of your kitchen that other lights cannot reach.
  • Install a recessed light fixture for any 4 to 6 foot ceiling space.
  • For ambient lighting, mix wide angle recessed lights. Use narrow lights for the work lighting. You don’t need built-in lights on your stove, as cooker hoods have lights.
  • It is a good idea to diffuse a warm light across kitchen walls and ceilings by placing ceiling lights above your kitchen cabinets to light up displays as well. Hide the under-cabinet lights behind wall cabinets to see only the light and not the lamp. Throw lights in the front third of the kitchen cabinet if you want optimal work lighting, or place lights in the back to highlight your lovely backsplash.
  • Sunlight is a good and free light source for daylight. However, if you don’t have enough daylight, you can install solar pipes or skylights.

Small kitchen design tips

Many people have limited kitchen space or tiny kitchenslike those who live in condominiums and apartments. There are many ways to save space and create functional space and storage space in your kitchen.

Check out these helpful tips for small kitchen design:

  • Hanging a breadboard is a good idea as it can add flexible storage space that you can adjust over time.
  • Shrink your kitchen furniture, e.g. B. a half moon table to use the space more intelligently.
  • Adding a built-in nesting table to your kitchen cabinets is a great space-saving solution that can be easily stowed away when not in use and pulled out when needed.
  • Add extra storage space for cookbooks, small dishes and magazines by adding shelves under the island’s countertop.
  • Make the most of the space above your refrigerator by installing a kitchen cabinet for kitchen utensils or for storing your cookbooks.
  • Windows provides a great storage space to keep your collection of pans and pots.

Suggestions for kitchen colors

Common kitchen colors include earthy colors, light colors, and warm neutrals. These colors ensure that the cooking area and your guests feel comfortable. Plus, these colors go well with cabinets, reflect light, and bring joy to home buyers.

Here are some kitchen color suggestions for an amazing look:

  • Cool neutral and very dark colors like black generally don’t work well in kitchens.
  • If you’re worried about choosing the wrong color for the kitchen color, you won’t go wrong with neutral colors. You can add yellow, red, or orange to warm up, or use blue, green, or purple to cool neutrals.
  • If you want to add spice and sparks to your kitchen, you should choose a red kitchen theme.
  • With white cabinets and even white small appliances and white plastic stools, you can work in a modern and sophisticated way.
  • Yellow, like white, reflects the optimal ambient light to create a traditional mode and classic kitchen while maintaining a rich tone.
  • Blue kitchens have a vintage look and add a cute retro look to your small kitchen.

Check out some of the best kitchen design tips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gj91whyprUg for more informations.


Designing your kitchen is one of the most exciting experiences when it comes to overall home design. Since this is an area where you prepare food for your family and friends, it should be well lit, provide an inspiring environment and enough space to move around.