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Are platform beds comfortable?  Why should you buy one

The furniture market offers us many opportunities to design our home individually. With so many alternatives available, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the one that suits us best. The same applies to the beds; These can vary in terms of their structure and can even be limited to being a mat. Today we would like to answer a recurring question when decorating: Are platform beds comfortable?

The most modern decorative designs currently use platform beds for their modern appearance. By removing the unnecessary parts of the box spring style frame, we leave the mattress free so that it can stand out with the cover we put on it.

Many people are not convinced whether these types of beds are comfortable enough to sleep in or whether using these types of frames has advantages over box spring beds. These and other doubts are resolved in the following article.

What is a platform bed? – A new millennium trend

Popu-Beach-by-Design-Concepts-Hawaii Are Platform Beds Comfortable?  Why should you buy one
Image source: Design concepts Hawaii

The concept of a platform bed is to maintain a simple and functional design. This is achieved by creating only one support for the mattress that does not cover it on all four sides. In addition, the mattress is supported by a series of parallel slats instead of a single table, similar to the structure used in construction.

Its construction usually includes the headboard and a row of feet that lift the platform from the ground by approximately 30 cm. At this height, the mattress is low enough when placed on the mat so that we can sit on it.

When it comes to platform beds versus box springs, the former are simpler in their construction, eliminating the additional supports that hold the mattress. The height of the frame is lower than the box spring type, although some designs allow additional box spring springs to be added to make it higher.

Crockett-Residenz-von-Chris-Pardo-Design-Elementar-Architektur Are platform beds comfortable?  Why should you buy oneImage source: Chris Pardo Design – Elementary Architecture

Platform bed designs have evolved rapidly due to their popularity with users. It is therefore normal for them to be made from many materials, from wood to metal.

Most have a simple design that focuses solely on function, but some models have left the standard to offer something more innovative and charismatic. However, the main attraction of these beds is still the possibility to decorate the mattress according to our wishes.

Different types of platform beds

Rowhouse-by-S2-Architects Are platform beds comfortable?  Why should you buy oneImage source: S2 Architects

Solid platforms or no storage space: Although platform beds usually contain legs to rest on, they are sometimes replaced by slats in the entire frame, creating a solid drawer that does not allow a view under the mattress.

These frame types create a very attractive, unified appearance, although they have the negative point that they have no storage space.

Floating platform or central base: This type of platform uses feet in the middle of the bed so that it looks like it is swimming. Although they have free space, it is not intended for storage as this would ruin the aesthetics and concept of “floating”.

Natural-Edge-Walnut-Storage-Platform-Bed-by-Appalachian-Joinery Are platform beds comfortable?  Why should you buy oneImage source: Appalachian carpentry

Storage platform beds: They are very similar to solid platform beds, but in this case a number of drawers are installed to store our things under the mattress.

This is the ideal setting for small spaces where you want to make the most of the available space.

Texas Solid Wood-Paneled Platform Bed Frame-w-Headboard-and-Side-Table-from-Sierra-Living-Concepts Are Platform Beds Comfortable?  Why should you buy oneImage source: Sierra Living concepts

Platforms with headboards and running boards: These are the latest trends in the design of platform beds. They added the traditional elements of the head and foot sections, which makes it look a bit more traditional.

The problem with these constructions is that they have no space for additional box spring beds, so we have to adjust to the height they have.

Are platform beds comfortable? Get the best sleep

Manzanita-Residence-by-Yamamar-Design Are platform beds comfortable?  Why should you buy oneImage source: Yamamar design

The most important thing about a bed is its comfort. There is nothing worse than sleeping on a hard mattress or a wobbly platform. However, we do not have to worry about the comfort of platform beds as they have certain properties to improve our sleep quality.

The first advantage is the rigidity. The solid frame allows the use of viscoelastic foam mattresses, which are much firmer than conventional models.

Thanks to the support of several parallel strips, the weight distribution on the mattress is more even, which prevents deformation. The same applies to the bed frame, since each slat carries part of the weight and prevents the entire structure from being affected if a slat is damaged.

Sharp-Residence-by-Valdez-Architecture-Interiors Are platform beds comfortable?  Why should you buy oneImage source: Valdez architecture – interiors

The construction of the platform beds is completely flat. All slats are at the same height so that there are no bumps on the mattress that could disturb you before going to bed.

Though they seem fragile, the platforms are heavy enough not to move. Thanks to the texture of the slats, the mattress is also firmly attached to the platform.

Are platform beds comfortable in hot climates? Yes, they are much cooler than other bed designs as they allow the mattresses to ventilate on the floor and maintain the temperature.

Advantages and disadvantages of platform beds

They are used to save objects

Platform bed storage by SOBLESKI Are platform beds comfortable?  Why should you buy oneImage source: SOBLESKI

As mentioned earlier, some of the platform bed designs include drawers for storing our belongings. This is particularly important in small rooms or with minimalist decor.

In general, the storage space is so large that you can have 2 to 3 drawers per side. We can store all kinds of items and clothes so that no additional shelves are required in the room.

Of course, not all platform beds contain these drawers. The most extravagant models do without this additional storage space in favor of aesthetics.

Eye-catching design

Living-Stone-Construction-Inc-von-Living-Stone-Design-Build Are Platform Beds Comfortable?  Why should you buy oneImage source: Living Stone Design + Build

The bedrooms should be attractive, you should want to spend hours in them and you have to decorate them. The bed is part of this decoration and therefore cannot be ignored.

With platform beds, they have a special charm in that they do not overload the surroundings with a heavy frame. At a time when minimalism is the dominant trend, simple design is the best for our home.

The low profile makes it even more elegant and comfortable and saves a lot of space in the bedroom by slightly reducing its height.

The decoration that applies to these types of beds depends entirely on us. The covers will play an important role in completing the design. Remember that the mattress is uncovered. You must therefore cover them very well so that the seams are not visible.

You also don’t need to put a skirt on the bed as this would ruin the main purpose of a simple design. This saves us a lot of time.

They are economical

Bed-01082-by-usona Are platform beds comfortable?  Why should you buy oneImage source: usona

The construction of such beds is simple. The slats along the frame are enough to support the mattress, so no other systems need to be installed to hold it in place.

The lack of additional springs or supports drastically reduces manufacturing costs, so we can buy a cheap, high quality product.

In addition, we will not replace the mattress for a long time because it does not deform and does not form mold due to its ventilation.

More stability

Ivory-Imitation Leather-Tufted-Padded-Platform-Slat Bed-Wooden Frame-by-Pilaster-Designs Are Platform Beds Comfortable?  Why should you buy oneImage source: Pilaster designs

As with vehicles, the closer they are to the floor, the more stable the beds. This is one of the basic requirements of the platform style.

They are not only stable, but also easy to use, since even small children can sit in them without any problems.

Are platform beds comfortable? The answer

Yes, they feel good. Platform beds are quickly becoming the preferred choice of consumers, even compared to the prevailing box spring beds. These are cheaper, require less decoration and are extremely elegant.

In addition, the platform offers some customization options, e.g. For example, the ability to use drawers to store objects or to need a larger frame that is perfect for rooms with unique designs.

When renovating your room, consider platform beds as a minimalist and modern alternative to having sweet dreams.

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