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Working with a limited counter space

The kitchen is the heart of the house, whether you cook, eat or entertain. Use the full potential of your kitchen with these simple tips from APARTMENTS Residents with large and small kitchens.

Kitchen island

The key to living in a small space is investing in parts that serve more than one purpose. Adding a multifunctional island gives you extra work space, storage space and possibly a place to eat. Many kitchen trolleys have additional storage space and practical hooks for pots and pans that really change your space.

If you can’t invest in a brand new kitchen cart, there are many ways to make your own. Look for a chest of drawers at your local hardware store and give it a second life as your island. You can even have a hardware store cut a piece of butcher block so it fits on top.

Sink cutting board

A cutting board that fits over your sink is a fantastic way to create an additional prep station in your limited kitchen. Cutting and dicing doesn’t often require the use of a sink, so it’s a prime place for multitasking. Any cutting board that is wider than your sink will work, but special cutting boards with handles and built-in screens will be made.

Burner covers

Same idea as the cutting board over the sink. Before you turn on the heater, you can throw a cover over the stove to prepare everything you need and prepare it for cooking.

Use wall surface

While your home may not be blessed with the storage and storage space you want, there is likely enough wall space to add extra space for your belongings.

Floating shelves are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. They show the things that normally live on the counter, from glasses with utensils to toasters.

Many people also neglect the space that the backsplash normally goes into. Often, tiny kitchens don’t have a real backsplash, leaving the perfect little space to hang up frequently used items. In this room you can also hang a towel holder that no longer runs around the kitchen with wet hands!

c2 Working with a limited counter space

Make the most of the corners

Some of the most neglected homes in the kitchen are the corners. Many of us overlook the strange gap between a device and the wall or the forgotten corner of the counter. There are many clever tiered shelf solutions that are tailored to these unconventional spaces and use large vertical space. A corner shelf is a convenient way to store spices, sauces, and anything else that you would normally store in a drawer or pantry. Utility trolleys are available in all different depths and heights, which makes them a useful asset in the tightest of spaces as they can be easily rolled out and moved. Worktops don’t meet on the corner? Attach a shelf to fill the gap and double your “counter space”.

Don’t forget the space above the closets

You’d be surprised at how many people neglect the space above their top closets. While it may be painful not to be able to access all of the important kitchen utensils, this place is a great place for things you don’t need every day. This is also a great way to add style to a small space, depending on what type of storage you choose. Baskets and boxes are good choices to hide items, and they are available in any material under the sun.

Use cabinet doors

If you need space, you have to find creative solutions. Have you considered using the inside of your closet or pantry door? Just as you would use a shoe organizer on your closet door, you can hang many extra items on an organizer over the door. People also came up with other clever solutions, such as hanging bars on the inside of doors for aluminum foil or serum foil. Command hooks and shelves are a simple and inexpensive way to store items in a door.

Maximize your closets

When most people put things in closets, they just put things up without realizing all the vertical space that shouldn’t be wasted in small kitchens. Invest in tired shelves, lazy susan and shelf climbers so that you can double the space requirement while keeping everything easily accessible. Lazy Susan is a great way to keep everything within reach when there’s a lot in a closet, especially a corner closet.

Appliance audit

Do you always have to have your coffee machine, French press, toaster, miracle cure, waffle maker and Mixmaster on display? If you can make shelves for your favorite devices, this is ideal to save valuable counter space for prep work. This small space philosophy doesn’t just apply to furniture: if it can’t be used multiple times, you shouldn’t buy it.