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Indoor Pebble Garden Under Stairs Ideas

As novel as it may sound, a pebble garden under the stairs is not difficult to set up. A little planning helps and you can let your creativity run wild without spending a fortune.

To get you started, let’s look at some of the best ideas for a pebble garden under the stairs.

1. Indoor gravel garden with large pots
You can think of the pebbles under the stairs as a canvas on which to arrange plants. Large pots can add interest, especially if you vary their shapes and put the right plants in them.

In this example, the white stone wavy edge complements the look of the pebbles and matches the spiral staircase.

Tip: Low-growing plants are often best suited to the space under the stairs, which tends to be low and lack natural light. You can also use grow lights or opt for flavorful dried or artificial plants.