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Modern Front Yard Landscaping Designs You’ll Love

If your front yard feels dated or has a quirky but fussy style that you’re tired of, it’s time to move toward a more modern look. Often this means stripping away the excess and focusing on elegant details, functional materials and planting schemes that create impact without requiring a lot of maintenance.

It’s the perfect way to add a fresh, new tone to your home. And if done well, a modern front garden will continue to look stylish for years to come. There are many ways to achieve the aesthetic – and increase the wow factor of your plot.

A well-kept front garden frames your home, gives the interior a foretaste and ensures an initial feeling of welcome. Well-organized front yard design and landscaping should complement the natural terrain of the property and highlight the overall theme of the home. If your interior design is modern, keep that style outside too. Clear lines, earthy colors, natural materials, a minimized use of different colors – that’s what you need for a modern front garden. Would you like some examples? Here you are.

Large planters
Among the modern front garden designs, the large planters are very prominent, and the bigger the better. The shapes are simple – round, square, tubular or conical. As for colors, choose something contrasting – if the background is neutral, use black, if it is dark, choose gray, brown, white and other light shades.

Grow some statement plants in large pots to add an eye-catching touch to your front yard. For a more modern touch, it is better to create an arrangement of mismatched plants and even if you have already growing plants and blooms, you can rock those in pots too. Create a stylish arrangement of oversized planters of different shapes that harmonize with their material or color. These ideas will give you inspiration for refreshing your front yard, regardless of the size of the space you have to work with.