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Tub chairs: Comfort and style

Despite the odd-sounding name, the “tub chair” is not for use in a bath tub. It is so named because of its structure, which resembles those of certain upholsteries, and helps you relax your arms and back as in a bath tub. It is an elegant piece of furniture that is fast becoming a regular in homes and apartments alike.

The key feature of the tub chair is the comfort it provides. The low seat and high arm-rests provide for a posture that’s easy on the back and spine. In fact, it has been recommended by medical practitioners for patients with back injuries. It’s small and cozy shape allows the chair to be used almost anywhere in the house, whether with the couch or with the dining table. Coupled with a side table, this chair is best for use in lounges, study rooms or even bed rooms!

Tub chairs can be traced back to the 18th century and were designed to develop more comfortable chairs for the wealthy. Since then, the original design of the chairs has not much changed and only minor adjustments have been made to make the chairs usable in more spaces.

These chairs have become a regular part of today’s modern interiors. Depending on an individual’s taste, they can opt for the vintage look, in leather and wood, or a slightly upbeat, modern version with patterned fabrics and fiber but whatever look they go for, style and comfort are guaranteed