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Design your home with indoor window shutter

Choosing an appropriate indoor window shutter is very important and thus it has to be done wisely. Indoor shutters are timeless and we have laid down few benefits of choosing the right indoor window shutters:indoor window shutter  12

  1. Indoor window shutters are a permanent addition to your home, unlike many other treatments which are temporarily and must be periodically replaced.
  2. Shutters block out more light than most other window coverings and make the room darken to get an extra sleep even if the sun is up. This light can be filtered in many ways by rotating louvers to various directions.
  3. Good quality window shutters also increase the resale of the houses
  4. A shutter also minimizes allergens with solid surfaces and thus dust does not linger and it can be easily cleaned unlike other soft window treatments.
  5. Window Shutters keep the houses much cooler in summer by deflecting direct sunlight.indoor window shutter  13

There are various types of window shutters available. These include:

  1. Plantation shutters are the most favored type of shutters as they permit the light readily when open and block the temperature when the shutters are closed and spring beauty as well
  2. Polywood shutters: These types of shutters does not chip, wrap or split. The paint color on these plywood shutters which do not fade when exposed to sunlight
  3. Ovation shutters: These are built by hand by using the furniture-grade teak and these shutters are offered in a variety of stains. This enhances current furniture and décor in the house.indoor window shutter  83
  4. Reclaimed Wood shutters are crafted from old wood which was earlier used in barns, fences, or any other structures. This is a unique technique and gives a modern work of art on the windows.
  5. Studio Shutters: These shutters are a stripped-down plantation type which conveys the same classic look as our Polywood shutters