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Dish Cactus Garden Ideas to Bring Life to Your Spaces

Cactus gardens are fun and a creative way to create an indoor desert garden. This involves creating a cactus arrangement in two different shallow containers, including materials, soil mix to use, steps to follow, care tips, and other things you should know.

Sometimes a cactus plant in a pot just isn’t enough! This leaves room for interpretation, but I consider an indoor cactus arrangement to be multiple plants in one container. Unlike some fleshy succulents, cacti grow slowly, making them great for combining and using in bowls and vegetable gardens.

You may know an indoor cactus arrangement as a cactus garden, cactus bowl, cactus bowl garden or cactus planter.

Part of the indoor cactus garden in my kitchen. I love handmade containers and cacti are a great way to display them.

Whatever you call a cactus arrangement, the most important point to know about growing cacti as houseplants is that they require plenty of light and infrequent watering.