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Green Living Room Ideas for a Relaxing Decor

Green is the ultimate nature-inspired decoration and one of the most popular and versatile colors for use in a living room. In color psychology, shades of green are commonly associated with balance and harmony, acting as a bridge between stimulating warm colors and calming cool colors.

The versatility of green makes it a small gift for interior design, but does not make it any easier to narrow down the choice of color combination – as a rule, medium shades of green harmonize very well with black and white, paler shades can desaturate rooms with lots of warm orange and Shades of pink and sophisticated forest green tones create a great accent for neutral rooms.

However, a green living room does not necessarily mean that the entire wall is colored. Houseplants are the most obvious way to introduce green elements. Using clever painting techniques, you can highlight wall paneling or window frames in pretty sage tones, or opt for one of the most coveted living room pieces – the green velvet sofa.