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How to build your own patio screen

Every patio screen needs a proper ventilation system as well as a durable framework to support it. Ventilation systems use an outdoor chute to cleanse the room of toxic gases and unpleasant odors and the patio screen keeps various unwanted particles as well as odors away from your relaxing time on the patio. Here are a few tips to help you build your very own screen for the patio:patio screen  02

  • Choose a suitable pipe material for the screen you’re building over the patio. For this, consider the expenses involved and the investments you are ready to make as well as the material that will be passing through the pipes. It also needs to be compatible with any existing piping.
  • Sketch out and prepare a blueprint of the layout of your construction. Hiring a professional for this step is advised, especially if you are a newbie.patio screen  79
  • Visit multiple hardware stores to buy the required materials and consult professionals in the field to obtain beneficial discounts on materials as well as a helping hand in installation.
  • Run through the entire layout and make the necessary changes as well as enhancements to the plans according to the materials you purchased. Make sure your plan is in agreement with the conventions of screen installation such as vertical and horizontal networks in the appropriate regions.patio screen  91
  • Make sure the plumbing in your house does not get affected by the screen, for this it is advisable to..
  • Attach a stack vent to a soil sack and give it an outlet through the roof by drilling a hole, this will make it easier for the gaseous wastes to make it to the roof!
  • Try installing vent plumbing in the same wall with your water supply and drainage systems as this goes a long way in reducing amount of materials needed as well as makes subsequent repairs easier.