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Indoor Palm Tree Adds a Touch of the Tropics to Your Home Decor

Majesty Palm is a beautiful houseplant with a tropical feel. Long green fronds grow from upright stems, forming a tree-like shape. This plant softens your living space and purifies the air. This popular indoor palm is ideal for anyone looking to add plants to their home. It is easy to care for and likes to live in pots.

If you want a quieter environment and cleaner air in your home, the Majesty palm is for you.

Key Features

Tropical look. This houseplant gives your home a warm, cozy atmosphere.
Natural air purifier. This indoor palm brings life into your home and purifies the air!
Non-toxic. The Majesty Palm is completely safe for cats, dogs and other pets. It is also not toxic to humans.
Easy-care. Caring for the Majesty Palm is easy. Keep your plant watered to keep it happy for many years.
House or patio plant. The majesty palm feels comfortable indoors as a houseplant or outdoors as a patio plant at temperatures above 40 degrees.

Pro tip:

Add moisture by filling a tray with pebbles and adding water. Place your palm tree on top, making sure the water level stays below the bottom of the pot. Your Majesty Palm will thank you especially in winter when our houses are particularly dry. Choose a few pretty river stones or pebbles and make them a beautiful highlight!

Majesty palm care
Palm Majesty is native to wetlands in Madagascar and thrives on moisture and moisture. Plant in a moisture-rich potting mix and keep the soil moist but not wet. Brown frond tips indicate underwatering, while yellow frond tips indicate overwatering. Mist your plant a few times a week when your home is dry, especially in winter. Place your Majesty palm in a location with indirect sunlight. This plant likes shade, especially from the hot afternoon sun. It tolerates low light conditions in your home, but thrives in bright, indirect light of 4 to 6 hours. Keep your palm plant away from drafts. Cold drafts can stress or even kill your plant, and hot drafts can dry out the foliage. Fertilize with slow-release fertilizer in spring or summer. Cut off any broken, damaged, yellow or brown foliage. Use secateurs to remove the entire stem as far back as possible. Fronds turn brown and die naturally as they age.

Majesty palms can live outdoors in tropical and subtropical areas in growing zones 9 to 11. They prefer moist soil and some shade from the afternoon sun.

Majesty palms can be grown outdoors in containers in most growing areas. This plant has a cold tolerance up to around 40 degrees. Bring it indoors when temperatures rise to 40 degrees and back outdoors when temperatures are 50 degrees or above.