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Landscaping Around Trees

Are you tired of looking at the worn and baronic area of landscaping around the trees in your yard? I know that I get a pang of sadness every time I look into my garden, at the disappointing sight of my bare root tree, or at the unruly weeds and grass that have been taken where the weed eater has mercifully missed them. However, the view is not what I would describe as pleasant or happy. So what’s stopping me from having a beautiful landscape around my trees? This question can be answered in one word; MONEY!

Without the extra cash to afford things like designer landscaping building blocks or other ready-made landscaping elements, I turned my attention to the resources of the internet to find some inexpensive do-it-yourself ideas. I’ve found some incredibly interesting and unique tree landscape ideas that almost anyone can make for little to no money. In fact, there were so many great ideas that I had to share these creative tree landscape ideas with you. If you also want to “spice up” the landscape around the trees in your garden, check out these examples of out-of-the-box solutions.