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Options when choosing the right Patio gardens

When you are choosing the place for your outdoor patio gardens a slight careful planning will be required to decide the best use of the area you wanted to work with. By choosing the size and type of planters, the layout of walks and lighting or other features are all the choices you will require to make the patio garden. A garden trellis or arbor is another characteristic that can add to your patio area, along with providing shade. For your patio garden entrance, you can add grapes type flowering plants or vine type flowering plant that gives you an enjoyable feeling.Patio gardens  49

There are many options for patio gardens depending on the garden area, pot size and the amount of sunlight are the factors which decide what will grow best in that area.  You always choose the soil for gardening in pots or containers. When you are gardening in pots, you need soil which helps in preserving the nutrients and moisture are required for your plants to increase. There are soilless potting mixes such as coir, peat moss, perlite or vermiculture that are specifically made for the container gardens.Patio gardens  35

Disadvantages of patio gardens:

  • A Limited amount of space: the main problem with having patio gardens is the fact that there are no too much of rooms, in most cases. The patio is designed for small patio chairs and tables and a barbecue. Space is limited, especially when growing vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and zucchini. The patio garden will not always be suitable for growing for bigger vegetables.
  • Requires numerous pots: if you want to have patio garden you need a number of pots.Patio gardens  38
  • Needs frequent watering: plants which are grown within the container or pots require frequent watering.
  • Not enough sun: depending on which side of the house the patio garden is placed. The plants might not get the sunlight to increase and yield a good crop.