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Setting your antique living room

Setting an antique living room is challenging! A little carelessness and placing a small contemporary object in it spoils the whole theme. Also the paintings on the walls and vases in the corners need to be fully compatible with the antique theme. Creating the right antique living room according to the construction of the house, window directions and size of the room needs big efforts and wide imagination. If you go through a number of images of living rooms furnished with the theme of old and antique you will be able to find the code that works for your living room.


From a single chest of drawers to the whole sofa set, keep the furniture of your living room in accordance with the antique theme you have chosen. A bookcase, an entertainment center, magazine rack, lamp stand and all the small furniture pieces are bought separately to set the room. Keep all of these objects in full compliance with the main furniture items to create harmony in the living room.


Choose graceful colors for your living room. They enhance the value of your living room immensely and add in the antique idea. From wall paints to the rugs on the floor including upholstery, curtains and furniture color should always be from one shade. Living room with bay windows need color theme that goes with the extra light that blesses the room during the day. Old white is for extra bright environment and bit darker and dull shades for cooler effects.


Oil paintings, decoration pieces and wall hangings must be from antique theme of an era that is in focus in the living room. If you are highlighting 60s era, get the decoration items that link your room to that time. If you are going to create an antique theme of Victorian times, find all the decoration items that depict Victorian art.  In any case add a plant or two in the corers to bring light and fresh feelings in the room.


With proper lighting you can maximize the antique effects in your living room. Where the walls have big paintings fix a dim light above them. Yellow hues of light on an old painting look awesome!  Get a vintage style chandelier to fix in the middle. Candle style chandelier looks suitable.  For the both sides of the chandelier find two matching pendant lights and do not go for very bright shining white lighting options because they will rob your living room off the antique theme. Candle style chandelier looks suitable.  Try some different hues of light in bulbs and see what creates the best antique aura in your living room. Setting your antique living room with style and grace is the only way to keep it highly appealing to the eyes.