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10 smart ways to keep your valuables at home

When it comes to home security, there is nothing like a full security system. It is arguably your best line of defense against burglars and thieves. The sight of a CCTV camera alone can be enough to deter most burglars as they fear being caught in front of the camera. But sometimes even the best security systems are bypassed by tech-savvy villains, and once they’re forced to enter, they’re looking for your valuables.

It is in your best interest to make it difficult for burglars to take off with your valuable items. This will give the neighbors enough time to notice them and contact the police authorities to respond. Given that burglars crawl every corner of your house, you need to be creative in how you store your valuables.

With that said, here are 10 smart ways to keep your valuables safe local furniture remover in Perth that burglars will have a hard time discovering it.

  1. Hollowed-out books

Burglars do not like to look in bookshelves. They are not interested in stealing first edition books that they can sell cheaply. Therefore, they are likely to leave your bookshelves untouched. Hollow out your least loved book and store your valuables in it. No soul will know that you’ve hidden your valuables in a hollowed out book – unless you’re a bookworm.

  1. Empty detergent

Nobody breaks into a house to search cleaning supplies. Therefore, you should store your valuables in empty cleaning agents such as a bottle of bleach or a can of disinfectant wipes.

  1. Fake cat litter

Rummaging through cat litter is disgusting and a burglar won’t dare rummage through one to find valuables. Assuming you don’t have cats in the house, fake cat litter is a smart way to hide your valuables from unsuspecting burglars.

  1. Freezing method

While burglars may take a quick look at your freezer, they are highly unlikely to go through all of the food in your fridge. Put and place your valuables in a Ziploc bag and hide under frozen food. Burglars will have a hard time discovering your valuables if you hide them in the freezer.

  1. Pantry method

Similar to the freezing method, burglars are unlikely to waste their time searching through the food in your pantry. You can use empty cereal boxes, spice containers and empty packaging to hide your valuables. No thief will bother to rummage through flour and sugar cans in the hope of gold.

  1. Fake socket

Hollowed out electrical outlets are one of the smartest ways to store your valuables. Here you can keep your money and jewelry safe without the burglar ever knowing. They certainly don’t want to risk electrocution, so they don’t bother to look for valuables in an electrical outlet.

  1. Cardboard safe

Ideally, you should have a special safe in which you can store most of your valuables. But even a safe is unsafe for determined burglars. You can use an old box to hide your safe. If you have a lot of boxes in your garage or in the attic, you can fake the burglar by putting the safe in a harmless box. Surround the safe with other boxes that contain old items such as toys and other household items to attract less attention.

  1. stuffed animals

Cuddly toys are probably the last on a burglar list, making them a hidden storage for your valuables. Just cut along the seams, stuff in your jewelry and money, and sew them back together. Just make sure it doesn’t get into the hands of children and let everyone in the household know that the soft toy contains valuable items.

  1. Buried in the back yard

Rarely will you ever spot a burglar sweating and digging like a madman in the back yard. Use a plastic container to store your valuables and dig an area in your garden where it is least noticeable. Ideally, you should bury your valuables near a recognizable feature such as a tree or near your garden warehouse so you don’t forget where they are.

  1. Bank

If you are unsure about keeping your valuables at home, consider keeping them in a bank safe. Keep the money you don’t need in the bank to reduce the likelihood of it being stolen in the event of a break-in.

If you keep your valuables at home, you have to be creative. These 10 tips will keep your burglars safe in the hands of criminals. Thieves and burglars are looking for the most obvious places in your house like cupboards, drawers, storage rooms and more. If you effectively hide your valuables, the authorities can gain enough time to react and make the burglar unprepared.