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4 Ways to Add Charm to Your Vintage Kitchen

You may have already heard that everything new is well forgotten old. It’s time when you’ve got tired of modern design. You want to feel cozy and comfortable when cooking at your kitchen. How to turn this room into a vintage, cool, and functional space? Here are some tips to help you do it quickly and effectively.

Say yes to open storage

Glass front cabinets and open shelves are some of the most distinctive features of a vintage kitchen. Another idea is to use old-fashioned salt and pepper sets. Don’t hesitate to replenish the stock of dishes with cups, plates, and teapots bought at garage sales, auctions, thrift stores, etc.

Make sure to use eye-catching colors

An awesome vintage kitchen is full of interesting color combos. Combine vintage sheets, towels, and tablecloths of different color schemes, styles, and fabrics. Use colors that resemble baker products – pink, yellow, and pastels. Besides, don’t forget that bright colors make your kitchen full of warmth. Who doesn’t like that coziness of vintage rooms?

Buy new hardware

This decision is simple and cheap. You need new knobs and pulls to make your kitchen look classic. Glass knobs are the perfect option for a vintage kitchen. They look interesting and nice.

Combine different materials

Don’t hesitate to mix the antique kitchen table with modern chairs. It’s the combination that will make your kitchen stylish and individualistic. Add some vintage utensils and tools. Don’t forget that a bit of wear is ok. So there is no need to rush to buy new furniture.