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Blue and gold interior design ideas

Discover a selection of exquisite blue and gold interior design ideas in a variety of styles. We all know that colors influence the human psyche. According to psychologists, they act according to three basic principles – active, passive and neutral. Some colors work immediately, others only after a while, some colors have a calming effect, others charge us with energy.

We take a look at the combination of blue and gold and give you some useful tips on how to successfully combine these two colors so that the interior looks balanced and harmonious. Gold tones are traditionally associated with wealth, luxury, success and prestige.

The golden color in the interior was used to decorate castles and palaces, royal apartments, etc. The incredible magic of gold still attracts attention today with its shine and enchanting luxury. The golden hue always looks chic and rich, but when it comes to modern home design, you need to know how to use it correctly. Professional designers recommend using gold in combination with other shades so that the interior is original and corresponds to the characteristics of the chosen style concept.