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Bring flower positivity to your nursery makeover

Preparing a kindergarten for the arrival of a newborn is one of the most positive and exciting events that a couple or single mother experiences before the birth.

The experts advise expectant parents to plan the topic for their kindergarten 18 to 20 weeks after pregnancy, ordering furniture and making plans for decorating the children’s room. In the 25th week at the latest, you should ideally transform this simple-looking room into your beautiful children’s room so that all preparations are completed by week 36 at the latest. Don’t forget to leave space for bedding, a changing table etc. Toys and of course the baby bed!

Happy baby, happy parents

One topic you can’t go wrong with is a nursery makeover with floral wallpaper. First choose the furniture you want for your nursery and then choose the wallpaper for the room. Many psychologists suggest that using light or warm colors and patterns is better for a little baby. Wallpaper murals for walls in bright or warm flower patterns, stress and anxiety are to be reduced for small babies. Floral wallpapers create a much more positive and relaxed atmosphere in the room, which ultimately leads to a happier baby and a better sleep. And we all know that a happy baby means happy parents. Everyone will be a winner, as they say!

Use wallpaper to add personality

Wallpaper murals give the children’s room a personality. They also offer many advantages over other forms of decoration: yes, they not only ensure that a room for babies and parents feels therapeutic, but wallpapers are also easy to apply, save money and can even hide imperfections in your nursery walls.

Floral murals add a touch of feminine beauty to a child’s room. These wallpaper murals instantly transform any nursery environment into a softer, more peaceful place. The main emotions here are positivity, security and relaxation.

One of the beautiful decoration options is our Eve mural for a calming effect in your home. In the meantime, more minimalist floral wall patterns are also available from Wallflora.

We all appreciate the beauty of nature and the choice of traditional floral wallpaper patterns

is a way to create the perfect atmosphere for your nursery, while the beautiful botanical wallpaper pattern with lush retreat is another fantastic option for your walls.

The popular Instagram influencer Hannah Comedy (mrs__comedy) was clearly overjoyed with her new flower garden inspired by Wallflorashop and said:

” So excited to finally unveil Harlow’s nursery in our new home that shows @ wallflorashops GORGEOUS watercolor flower mural !!!! What is your favorite room to decorate? Think mine will always be children’s room !!!! ”

IMG_0177 Give your nursery a positive touch

Photo: Wallflorashop.com

And we will definitely not contradict Hannah! Because when it comes to decorating a room in the house, nothing beats the joy, excitement and overwhelming expectation of decorating your child’s nursery!

So if you feel inspired and now is the time to give your nursery a positive touch, check out the beautiful floral wallpaper designs and products Wallflorashop.com and decorate yourself today for your new arrival soon!