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Chic Bohemian Decor Ideas For Your Home

Who doesn’t love an authentic guacamole these days? Likewise, the Mexican-inspired bohemian decor caught everyone’s attention. A creative mix of elements, a mix of colors and a relaxed spirit are some hallmarks of Bohemian interior design. Incorporating bohemian style into interior design is not just limited to your obsession with handlooms, antiques and artistic lifestyle. The basic rule of bohemian home decor is to be yourself!

I call on all free spirits to create a bohemian decor haven that celebrates personality, embraces all things living, and exemplifies your exceptionally unique taste and preference. Here are some unusual bohemian style decoration ideas for those who like to drive in reverse.

Enhance the charm of bohemian decor with earthy elements
The ideal bohemian home decor is simple yet pleasing to the eye. It is often characterized by simple visual elements such as hanging wicker baskets, wooden lamps, potted plants, cane furniture, macrame wall decorations and rustic rugs. Also, don’t underestimate the charm of a boho hat gallery: fill part of the wall space wisely to make a statement in your room.

Boho living room blue couch cat
Boho living room wall art with white cabinet

2. Creative and budget friendly

Bohemian design is perfect for bedroom decoration due to its cozy, comfortable atmosphere. Use a variety of textures for your bedding, such as a silky bamboo duvet cover draped with a thick, hand-knit throw. You can combine fur pillows with embroidered pillows to get a great stack on your bed.

String lights add a magical atmosphere to your boho bedroom and perfectly replace a traditional night light. Use antique mirrors to make a small bedroom appear larger. A plush rug, Persian rug, or sisal mat—or two—add warmth and character to the room. Additionally, rugs can help delineate areas in the room.

Bohemian bedroom decor can lean more towards a neutral or vibrant color scheme. You may find a white or neutral bohemian-style bedroom more calming than one that uses lots of bold colors. You can recycle untreated wooden pallets into a bed, adding a rustic touch to your bohemian-style bedroom. Watch the video below to learn how to build a pallet bed with hidden storage:

Mussels in a wicker basket
Boho abstract decor wooden tray
DIY boho dream catcher
Scissor craft/Instagram
DIY dream catcher beige
Boho style crochet basket

3. Adopt neutrality

Bohemian decoration is the perfect design style for the artistic person who wants to display many works of art or handmade items. The unlimited flexibility of the boho style inspires numerous craft and DIY projects. Many modern bohemian-style homes follow the principles of eco-friendly interior design and the concept of reusing, recycling and repurposing vintage items. This makes bohemian decor perfect for frugal or frugal people.

Reproduce your favorite mandalas and other intricate patterns in beadwork or paint them on trays, vases or picture frames. For a beachy boho vibe, paint mandala patterns on large seashells and arrange them in a rustic woven basket. If you sew or quilt, collect Indian saris or pieces of batik or barkcloth. Patch these colorful fabrics together to make bohemian-style pillowcases.

People who like macrame, weaving and other crafts using natural fibers tend to lean more towards the bohemian style. Watch this video to learn how to make a macrame wall hanging to suit any room in your boho home:

neutral bohemian bedroom hanging seat guitar wall art
Neutral bohemian living room
Neutral bohemian bedroom rugs

4. Enjoy eclectic vibes

While most people think of bright colors when they mention boho home decor, modern bohemian style can be completely neutral. The clean and spacious neutral bohemian interior design includes white walls, light fabrics and lots of natural wooden surfaces.

Textures shine when they don’t compete with color. You will notice the textures of rope, rattan, wood and fabrics as they form the main focal points of the room. While the most common neutral boho decor ideas lean toward light colors, a few darker accessories or a dark stripe in a floor rug can help ground the space.

Make brighter elements stand out when placed against a dark gray accent wall. White macrame wall decoration will look great on this darker surface. A dark stain on your hardwood or concrete floor serves the same purpose by showcasing a beautiful rug or soft Flokati floor cushions.

Eclectic gypsy bohemian living room
Boho living room, colored sofas, wooden table, dog

5. Minimalist touch

Few people think of minimalism when they hear the word “bohemian,” but it is possible to combine these two design elements. Although minimalism is all about the “less is more” theory, bohemian style tends to the opposite. But you don’t have to apply this “more is more” philosophy across the board. Sometimes a little change is the perfect way to enjoy minimalist bohemian style.

You can still enjoy a minimalist boho home while showcasing some of your favorite things. You just have to be a lot more selective about what unique items come together in this eclectic style. Instead of flaunting all the embroidered cushions you bought in India, put just one or two on the sofa.

If your home’s architecture features modern, minimalist details such as large windows, clean lines, and few frills, the bohemian style will help soften the atmosphere. Richly textured fabrics and accessories, touches of shiny metal and lots of natural wood go well with this interior style. Be sure to add a houseplant or succulent to add a touch of nature to this minimalist space.

minimalist boho bedroom, wooden bed frame, wooden bench
Villa styling/Instagram

6. Boho-inspired joy

Bohemian style includes small details such as fringe, tassels, buttons and baubles. Ideally, the materials you choose for your boho living room, bedroom or dining room should look slightly worn and not new. A vintage touch is always welcome, as is anything that seems to be popular across generations.

In general, window treatments are not the main focus in a boho room. Look for simple roller blinds or flowing, sheer curtains. A vase of fresh flowers is always a welcome addition to a bohemian room. You can also incorporate nods to farmhouse style, such as rustic shiplap paneling or using an old ladder as a design element.

Lighting your boho home requires lamps and candles rather than strong overhead lighting. Use a collection of lamps – remember, they don’t have to match – and combine floor lamps with table models. Candles are a must for a nighttime glow and add a welcoming scent to your home. Moroccan lanterns or other hanging lights are also a welcome boho touch.

Boho decor, plant vases
Gold wall boho bedroom
abstract artwork vase boho bedroom
Bohemian bedroom mirror, candles, plants, desert feel
Boho living room chair cactus

7. Adds bohemian charm

Most boho furniture is more about comfort than elegance, and boho style lovers enjoy pieces that tell a story. If you need to buy new furniture; Sand and sand the new pieces to give them a vintage feel. Above all, the upholstery of your chairs and sofas should consist of soft, inviting fabrics that invite guests to make themselves comfortable and stay a while.

Low-profile sofas and chairs look great in bohemian-style rooms. Perhaps as a nod to cultures where sitting on the floor is common, boho-designed floor cushions are common. Add a leather ottoman, soft ottoman, or bean bag chair for lower seating options. Plush rugs can also encourage you to get comfortable on the floor.

Remove any furniture that looks stiff or feels uncomfortable, as formality has no place in a funky room. Opt for tables and shelves with ornate decorations. Look for pieces that look like they were picked up from international markets on a trip around the world. Wicker chairs, papasan chairs or hammocks that wouldn’t fit with any other style feel right at home in a boho room.

Boho living room plants, wicker furniture
Villa styling/Instagram

8. Bring nature indoors

Bohemian decor places a lot of emphasis on nature, and almost every boho room has several houseplants or hanging plants. Living plants not only loosen the boundaries between indoor and outdoor life, but also purify the air. Combined with natural wood furniture, plants add a welcome touch of nature indoors.

Arrange pieces of driftwood in a basket or use them to hold a clear canopy over a bed. Arrange dried plants such as cattails or eucalyptus in clay pots or vases. You can buy string lights with different natural design elements. Look for tiny rattan shades on each light bulb, or lights shaped like leaves or flowers and place them along your wall or ceiling.

Forest wallpaper bedroom plants
Green wall in boho style bedroom