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Cleaning your bathroom mirror

Bathroom mirror can easily catch dust, gunk, and grime and also frequent use of hard water leads to build up of either lime or calcium but if you use the required products, you can get rid of these products in a flush.

Pre treating the bathroom mirrors

It is very important to pre-treat your bathroom mirror before cleaning especially if there are deposits of calcium, lime or grime. You will always be on the safer side if you are able to identify the type of deposit on the surface of the mirror. For example, white calcium deposits can be treated using a damp cloth dipped in vinegar, while lime can be removed using pickling vinegar, lime or lemon juice

There are also different mirror cleaners that you can use to pre treat your bathroom mirror before cleaning it.  In a clean bucket, add your vinegar and the mirror cleaner of your choice, dip a rug in the solution and wipe the mirror. If there are trouble spots, you can use alcohol to get rid of them.

Cleaning the mirror

Dip a soft towel in a cleaning solution and clean the mirror from top to bottom but make sure that you pay close attention to any cracks, contours and crevices on the mirror. The purpose of cleaning the mirror from top to bottom is to prevent drip marks from appearing on the mirror.

Always change your viewing angle so that you can easily verify if the mirror is spotless clean. Using a dry micro fiber cloth, dry and buff the mirror and you will get satisfactory results.