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Cool DIY Tiki Torches for Your Outdoor Spaces

A tiki torch is traditionally a bamboo torch that originated in tiki culture but is becoming increasingly popular and spreading to other locations where it is a popular party decoration and can add a tropical island aesthetic to outdoor decorations. Nowadays, a tiki torch can be made from various bottles and jars and used not only as a decoration but also as an insect repellent.

Fire always looks cool in any garden at night and is useful for keeping insects away. Surrounding your green spaces with small, controlled fires is one of the great joys of modern life and brings a piece of ancient tradition into our world today. Fire is inherently hypnotic, and when we can control and use it in certain ways, it takes on a new appeal. Here are some DIY instructions for making tiki torches. Choose what you like and add atmosphere to your outdoor space.

Tiki torches made from wine bottles
Add some atmosphere to your spring and summer celebrations with these easy-to-make DIY wine bottle tiki torches. They are incredibly easy to prepare, the citronella keeps unwanted insects away and the crackling flame creates a cozy atmosphere. The best part about this DIY project is how easy the tiki torches are to make! With the right materials, you can make three of these in under 30 minutes, and no technical knowledge is required. Go ahead and make some!