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How to decorate the top of your bedroom dressers?

Bedroom dressers tops are ideal as these can be made the focal point of the room with a little bit of space decor. You can consider balancing with a plethora of items with visual weights and varying heights. You can consider using the entire dresser surface for placing items.

You can consider placing statement pieces which can include a vintage gilded mirror and porcelain vases. You can group few items that can be coordinated such as candles, necklace tree or a ring holder. Fill in the gaps if any by placing framed photographs. You can consider mixing jewellery boxes to fill the gaps or use a glass mosaic dish. You can place all the dresser top clutter in the glass mosaic dish such as dry cleaning receipts or loose change. This also adds functionality and color to your room. You don’t really need to cover your dresser top entirely.

You can consider fashioning a symmetrical, traditional arrangement by placing a large piece in the center of your dresser top. You can consider placing two matching items on the either side of the central piece of art. You can consider placing a large vase coupled with pillared candles on the either side of the vase.

Consider adding fresh flowers to the vase to brighten up your bedroom. You have the option of choosing from table lamps, paintings, boxes, decorative hats, jewelry stands and more. If you wish to adopt a minimalist approach, then you can pick any one item and place it in the center. You can leave the rest of the top of the bedroom dressers bare.