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Creative Stairs Decor Ideas

It is inevitable that we will use the stairs to get to different levels of the house. We can also make many different modifications to the stairs. We can add a strip of light to make it visible at night. It makes going for a glass of water in the middle of the night safe. Or put a non-slip vinyl sheet on each stair to prevent slipping when our feet are wet. Apart from the functional part of the add-ons that we can make, there is also the cosmetic part that would greatly improve our experience of climbing stairs. Staircase decoration can make your living space even cooler! The staircase is another part of the house that is often neglected because of the good decoration. Don’t worry! We are here to help!

These people have done amazing things with their stairs! It’s not that difficult that you have to hire designers to renovate the entire staircase for you. You can actually do it yourself if you have the time! Some are simply about putting things on the wall and in the corner area of the stairs. Nothing too technical. It’s also a fun way to customize your home!