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DIY Fairy Garden Tea Pot Ideas

One of my favorite ways to celebrate spring is with a garden tea party! Tea, friends, my garden… is it getting better? Thanks to our partnership with Oriental Trading, I’m sharing tips for creating a beautiful garden tea party and a fun DIY fairy garden teapot… Read on to get inspired!

Garden tea parties sound like a really outlandish idea (pinky fingers up!), but the truth is they can be as extravagant or informal as you want them to be. Your guests can wear jeans or evening dresses – whatever they feel most comfortable wearing. Whatever style you choose, check out these tips and our fairy garden teapot craft idea to make your celebration a memorable one:

Think about what type of party you want to throw. Will it be formal or informal? Do you want to host a brunch party or an evening party? Will your guests be mostly adults or do you want to host a kid-friendly party? You could also have a purely children’s party – what little girl wouldn’t love a princess garden party? How about making it a “work” party? Everyone knows that many hands make for easy work. Why not team up with friends and help each other plant their gardens? After your work is done, you can sit back and relax! Each time someone new can host.