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Explore the utility of sofa bed armchair for your living room décor

Armchairs are beautiful and cozy interior décor we all need for our homes. Some come just like the sofas, for instance, the ‘chair and a half’; others, on the other hand, can be simple, stylish and cool.

Manufacturers have gone a step further in the designs of these beautiful interior décor with the addition of a dual utility to the already existing variants of armchairs. This is the bed addition to an armchair! Cool, right?

Frames of sofa bed armchair

The sofa bed armchair is designed such that the bed is embedded into the chair right underneath the seat surface. The seat end of the design is usually a wooden frame while the bed comes with the metal finish. Normally, this type of armchair is an upholstered design with heavy padding to give maximum comfort while seating and equally make a soft enough cushion for sleeping.

Conversion style of sofa bed armchair

The various designs of the sofa bed armchair have equally distinct conversion mode.

The common type has the bed mattress usually a queen size folding beneath the chair and it is folded out just as well to utilize the stored bed. The mechanism is just simply lifting up the seat top and pulling out the bed. Both the arms and the backrest of the chair form the headboard of the created bed.

Other conversion style common today is the conversion of the bed by pulling the bottom end of the chair and stretching the backrest of the armchair to lay flat on the ground to make the remaining end of the mattress. This may require a pillow support for a nice sleep.

You choose where to use your sofa bed armchair

The armchair with a bed end can have a good use both at home and in the office. For small room apartment, you can find this design useful for a dual purpose service for a seat in the day and a bed in the night.

Having this design in an office can avail you the privilege of having a short nap while on a break.