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How to get rid of clutter in the bedroom

How to get rid of clutter in the bedroom

While many people pay special attention to keeping the public areas in their homes in top shape, they don’t give the same effort to maintain their bedrooms.

Meanwhile, the aura around the bedroom sets the tone for the day and determines the quality of the night’s sleep. Follow these helpful tips to get rid of the clutter that hampers your comfort:

  • Chuck your outdated and broken gadgets

Do you want to keep your bedroom healthy and spacious? Sorry, these old things have to go. Granted, if we use some devices for a long time, especially mobile devices like cell phones, we develop a strong bond with them.

At the same time, there is hardly anything more annoying than looking for an item in a drawer and coming across broken telephones and music players.

  • Invest in high-quality baskets or plastic laundry baskets to store your dirty clothes

Clothes make up about 70% of the clutter in most bedrooms, which means there is a fairly neat space under the stack of dirty and semi-clean clothes.

Laundry baskets The size, large enough to hold all dirty clothes between washdays, helps to clear and maintain cleanliness. At the end of each day, just throw your clothes in and make sure the baskets aren’t in the bedroom, preferably in the bathroom or closet.

  • Unravel your closet and be ruthless

Make a rule for yourself and choose to stick to it. For example: “Items that I haven’t worn in a year are shown out of my closet.”

If you know that you can use the same items to put a smile on someone’s face, you can overcome them. So it is best to get those in good shape to donate and destroy the rest.

The bonus for this: you can get dressed faster and prepare for the day, since there are fewer piles of clothes to browse.

  • Remove unnecessary furniture

Don’t we all have that one old chair in our bedrooms that we haven’t sat on for several months, but which has never been vacant during this time? Piles of magazines, clothes and knick-knacks seem to be permanently resident there.

Too much furniture takes up valuable space and offers space for clutter. The best way to practice putting things in the right places is to remove any furniture that encourages unloading – like bedroom sofas.

  • Use the space under the bed

Under the bed (in storage bags and boxes) is an excellent place to hide rarely used personal items from your eyes. Items such as blankets and sheets, clothes out of season, towels, etc. can be stored here.

Children’s toys can also be thrown into a toy box and pushed under the bed at the end of each playtime.

  • Keep the stack of receipts, bills, and other documents away

The sight not only reminds you of your many tasks and robes you of the peace, but they are also out of place in the bedroom.