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Perfect Pedestal Table for Perfect Design

Home is the place where we feel safe and comfortable. The design we choose reflects our style and tastefulness. In order to make the dwelling both cozy and functional, we should pay attention to details. One of the most important issues is the furniture. Let’s start with tables. They may have different forms and use cases. Today we’ll have a look at the pedestal table. Let’s find out how to use this piece of furniture in the interior.

How does the pedestal table look like? It has a round, oval, or square top that stands on a supporting column and low-lying legs. It can be used everywhere: in offices, flats, shops, etc. Usually, you can find this table is two sizes: 19 x 30 inches across (side table) and 50 x 60 inches (full size). How to use the pedestal table?

Anchor the entryway

The pedestal table looks interesting. It helps create a certain type of art. A big bunch of flowers on the top of this table standing in the foyer will turn this entryway into the room you want to stay in.

Make it your desk

The tables that we usually use for work aren’t interesting. That’s why we change our workplaces so often, moving from the sofa to the desk, and vice versa. A pedestal table provides owners with enough space for working. Check it out!

Top it with books

Where are you going to spend slow pleasant mornings? Put a cup of coffee on your favorite pedestal table and enjoy the day.