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Screened in Deck Makes House Spacious & Safer

A deck or the open space around the house or at the backyard of the house is very useful. It can be utilized move around or to sit and relax or to have lunch or dinner, unless it is not too windy or rainy. If you want to make use of the deck more specifically as a part of the house then you can convert it into a screened in deck.Screened in Deck  25

The prices of the buildings are mainly dependent on its quality, location, and its size. The deck converted into screened porch will help in increasing the price of the house. Most of the buyers prefer the house with extra room. The deck once converted into a room or a screened porch will be safer than the ordinary open space around the house. The screened deck remains open and gets exposed to sun, wind or rain and can cause a problem to the entire house. But a screened in deck which is closed from all sides and having a lightweight roof remains warm and cozy during winter and cool during summer. It is an extra added room which anybody can utilize as per the convenience. Also, it protects the house form any bugs or insects entering the house.Screened in Deck  79

Plan & design well

When you decided to utilize the open space, consider the following factors which are very necessary.

  • Inspect the foundation:

You need to study the structure of the deck. The open space needs to be added with a roof and side walls or panels. Check the foundation and support it gets.

  • Decide size & shape:

Start planning well before start converting the deck into a room. Decide on the exact size, shape and the structure which is very crucial.Screened in Deck  87

  • Design the plan:

You can search the internet and get ideas about how effectively you can utilize the open space. Consult people and make the design ready.

  • Decide your budget:

Most importantly, decide your budget. Decide if you want to do on your own or by a contractor and find out the cost & expenses.