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Serene feng shui living room

Living rooms are the central part of the house. These are considered as the heart of the house. It is the central region of the house and it should be kept spick and span in order to maintain hr interior décor of your house. The living rooms have a direct impact on the visitors and guests. There are many things that are to be maintained in the living rooms, like the sofas, tables, storage tables, chairs, wall paintings, antiques and much more items that increase the décor of your living room.

The Feng Shui Living rooms are one of the best styles to set your living rooms. The Feng Shui is all about harmony, balance and health. There are five main elements of Feng Shui designing of your living room, these are wood, earth, fire, metal and water.

Clutter free and organized

The Feng Shui living rooms are set in accordance with the balance of the five main elements. Usually, these living rooms are much organized and clutter free, and they create a sense of harmony and sereneness.

Air and Light

The Feng Shui living rooms are airy and have a perfect balance of light. They are not too dark nor too much bright. According to the ancient time masters, a balance should be maintained between all the five factors.

Perfect Colour Scheme

A perfect colour scheme of your living room imparts are a great look on the minds of the visitors. The colour scheme is maintained accordingly.