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Small Room Ideas That Work Big

Looking for small living room ideas? Whether you have an open plan living room or a small boxy living room, no space is too small for brilliant decoration. As the most used common room in the home, it’s important that your living room meets your needs, even if you’re working with a compact space.

“The first step to maximizing storage space in small living spaces is, of course, decluttering,” says Kelly Collins, interior designer and creative director at Swyft Home. “Once you’ve decluttered, you’ll want to find alternative ways to store everything you need without having to compromise on your living spaces.” “Multifunctional furniture is key to storage in small spaces.”

If you’re having trouble arranging furniture or choosing a color palette, these clever small living room ideas may help. We cover layout, storage, multifunctional pieces, color schemes, clever visual tricks, and more. Here are decorating ideas and design tips to help you make the most of your space.