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The importance of installing surveillance cameras

Years ago, installing home security cameras on private property was seen as something only the rich can do, but things have changed since then. With the rate of robbery soaring, our homes, the places that should be safest for us and our families, are no longer exempt from these robberies. As a result, most homeowners today view security cameras as part of their basic needs.

While security cameras in your home won’t necessarily prevent you from being robbed, they do provide a level of convenience in knowing that everything that goes on in your home and its premises is being recorded, as if a third eye is over Guarding your home at all times. Below are some of the other great advantages of installing security cameras.

Discourage burglars and prevent intruders

Without a strong surveillance system in place, your surveillance cameras cannot prevent crime as effectively. However, deliberately placing surveillance cameras in sight can sometimes prevent robberies and break-ins. In fact, research suggests that homes with security systems are 2.7 times less likely to be attacked by a housebreaker. In addition, FBI burglary rates indicate that 1 in 3 homes without a security system are the victims of a robbery, compared to 1 in 250 homes that have a security system.

This indicates that the very presence of surveillance cameras can affect the intruder’s psychological state and lead him to believe that he is being watched at that very second. That way, there is a high chance that the burglar will give up the idea of ​​breaking into and robbing your property.

Help the police

Even if surveillance cameras are not 100% effective in preventing crime, the security material provides useful evidence and pointers to assist the police in finding the perpetrator. Like the surveillance masters at DD countermeasures Explain when a robbery takes place, your surveillance cameras record the incident in high resolution and give the police all the information and descriptions they need. And since you already have all the details about your security videos and images, it’s easier to present the evidence to the court to ensure a smoother and faster judicial process.

Save on homeowner insurance

In many cases, Homeowner insurance is a mandatory part of becoming a homeowner. Among other things, the cost of this type of insurance coverage varies depending on the location, insurance coverage, payment plans, insurance company and type of house. Some homeowners may view this type of insurance as a waste of money. I had to use it – or wish they had it when they needed it – wouldn’t agree.

Homeowners insurance covers private property and possessions from loss or damage caused by various types of unfortunate, devastating events such as fires and natural disasters. The cost of this insurance may be high, but luckily most insurers offer substantial discounts to homeowners who have home security systems and surveillance cameras installed.

As a rule, homeowners with a functioning security system receive a 10 to 20% discount on their insurance. However, the total discount varies depending on the capabilities of the system. For example, a system that is monitored by a central station gives you a greater discount than a system that is not monitored.

In addition, in the event of a break-in, you must make an insurance claim for vandalism or theft. This is another incident where your high-resolution home security cameras come into play. With the security material, you can easily validate your insurance claim by providing documentation of the incident.

24/7 remote monitoring

For most homeowners, being able to keep an eye on their home, especially when they are away, is one of the top reasons they have installed security cameras for their home. With the development of surveillance technology, many surveillance cameras allow users to remotely access the security material of their home by logging into the Internet through their computer or smartphone.

To get the most out of these cameras, you should secure them with a remote home surveillance system. In this way, you can not only detect intruders and intruders, but also activate or deactivate your house alarm remotely, switch the lights in your house on or off and monitor your motion detectors. With these features, not only can you keep an eye out for intruders, but you can also protect your home remotely. In case an intruder is not intimidated by the security cameras or if they are not visible, you can turn on the lights to create the illusion that someone is home even when they are not.

Home security cameras are not limited to protecting your private property, they also allow you to check your children and pets while you are away. This is a valuable asset for any working homeowner who lives a busy life. Families in which both parents work are often in a difficult situation in which their child comes home from school in the afternoon when they are not there to keep a close eye on them. With a home surveillance camera, a parent can check in their child anytime, anywhere using the remote monitoring function on their system.

photo-1549109926-58f039549485 The importance of installing surveillance cameras

As you can see, there is a good reason why home security cameras are one of the most important devices for homeowners. If you’re not sure if you really need them, think about the security you can have, knowing that no one can go in and out of your house unnoticed while you’re away.

Home security cameras come in many types and shapes so you can install them in the most unobtrusive or obvious places in your home. Choose the type and number of cameras based on your surveillance needs. Keep in mind, however, that your surveillance cameras will not be as effective unless they are backed up by a solid home security system with people who can monitor them and respond appropriately to unexpected incidents if necessary.