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3 ways to integrate birthstones into the interior design

If you’re an avid lover of personalized decor, there’s no easier way to make your space “you” than to find inspiration in your own birthstone. Gemstones currently dominate the decor world, so your options are unlimited. From lavender amethysts to slender ones Mother of pearlHere are three unique ways to incorporate birthstones into your home decor.

  1. Tones of purple with amethyst geodes

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From rose quartz to purple amethyst, geodes are slowly replacing the clutter on the coffee table. Scented candles and picture frames as the game to the coffee table fades away as more natural, organic materials take their place. Starting with crystals and diffusers for essential oils, the living room decor is now undergoing a tempting revision. Amethyst geodes are elegantly presented on your favorite books, on your side table or on the coffee table of your living room and set eye-catching statement pieces that bring both texture and color to the table (in the truest sense of the word). Like most natural gemstones, amethyst is more than just a pretty, sparkly decoration that you can use to start the conversation at your next dinner party. The birthstone of February is one of the most popular with its numerous benefits (including reducing stress and stimulating mental flow) Gemstones used in crystal therapy.

How to style amethyst geodes: Natural stones look best when combined with natural elements – be it a side table made of oak, woolen linen or bamboo vases. To achieve a coherent look, choose a neutral color scheme and let the amethyst geode add this subtle but effective splash of color.

  1. Iridescent accents with mother-of-pearl

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Made from napkin rings made from radiation white pearls For pearl necklaces that are used as curtain holders, there are various creative ways to incorporate the June birthstone into your home decor. However, the most popular option is mother-of-pearl, also known as pearl shell or mother-of-pearl – an organic material with a unique, shimmering appearance that cannot be reproduced. Mother of pearl is used in the manufacture of tiles and decorative items as well as furniture and feels luxurious. With its mosaic-like appearance, the pearl bowl also brings in the element of texture, with no two pieces of mosaic looking identical.

How to style mother-of-pearl: Mother-of-pearl is elegant and downright glamorous because of its endless sheen. This makes it an excellent option if you want your room to look more expensive. Regardless of whether you accept the glamor and opt for slim surfaces and a clear color palette in white and black or if you combine the glamor with rustic accents (think of natural wood and natural textiles), you have the choice.

  1. Soothing warmth with quartz

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The birthstone of April is currently experiencing an important moment in interior design. From lamps to serving trays and from decorative bowls to picture frames, rose quartz is everywhere. And given its long use in Tibetan, Indian and Chinese culture, we can see why. Rose quartz, also known as “the loving stone”, is known for its calming properties, which promote better sleep and a better mood and bring peace to any room. Quartz is available in a wide variety of colors, with the warm varieties currently peaking (rose quartz, peach and gold).

How to style rose quartz: Rose Quart should decorate your bedside table because of its properties that promote better sleep – but because of its warm, soothing hue, it works seamlessly in any type of room. Regardless of whether you choose a quartz lamp or a side table top, this natural stone is best suited for rooms in neutral colors that are designed for the idea of ​​calm and tranquility. Combine aesthetics with functionality, April Birthstone has the ability to set the mood of a room and create an inviting ambience that stimulates a positive flow of energy.