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5 things to consider when buying a memory foam gel mattress

If you need a comfortable and deep sleep, invest in the best memory foam gel mattress. These mattresses are also called viscoelastic foam and have a high density polyurethane foam that reacts to body heat and pressure to shape accordingly.

NASA developed the mattress for pilots who are looking for fall protection and a comfortable seat cushion. However, if you are in the market to buy a new mattress, there are many things to consider.

It is better to understand them before you spend your money. Here you are:

Check the foam density

Many people believe that the density of the foam can change its feel and texture. Although it is true to a certain extent, there is more to this concept. If you have better foam density, your mattress will be more durable. The low density mattresses are smoother and softer than the high density mattresses.

For example, a five pound per cubic foot density mattress will last ten years compared to a three pound bed Foam density. Another purpose to consider is that the mattress should have the same mass in each layer and not just the top layer.

Check the strength or ILD

The deflection of the ILD or the indentation load refers to the strength of your memory foam mattress. It defines the pressure your mattress needs to create a four inch feed. ILD can range from 10 to 50, but can be different for each layer in multi-layer mattresses.

Here the level of comfort depends on the layers that work together. Your personal preferences also play a role in this selection. If you are bulky, choose the higher ILD mattress for adequate support. With certain health conditions, such as fibromyalgia, you may need a different ILD to sleep comfortably. So be informed and make the right choice.

Check the certification

High quality Memory foam gel mattress also comes with appropriate certification. The certificate means that your mattress does not contain any harmful chemicals and has been tested for performance and durability. You can ask the manufacturer or seller about the certifications before buying.

If the mattress has no certification at all, don’t invest your money in it. Choose mattresses where the foam has no ozone depletion, TDCPP, PBGD or TCEP flame retardants.

Check the pressure relief

Your mattress has a mmHg rating that defines comfort and pressure relief properties. It is a unit that helps determine the reaction of your mattress under pressure.

The standard size for memory foam mattresses is 32 mmHg. As a result, they offer better pressure relief, resulting in healthy sleep with fewer pressure points. You can opt for mattresses rated 12-15 mmHg for comfort and durability.

Check the manufacturing point

Sometimes the components of mattresses are made outside the United States and assembled in the country. Although manufacturers claim that their products are made in the United States, they are not.

Such mattresses often lack the necessary tests and certifications. Instead of buying these mattresses, choose a product made in the country under strict certifications and quality controls.

With these points in mind, you can choose the best type of memory foam gel mattress for your bedroom.