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Amazing Ideas Repurposed Old Sewing Machine Ideas

We’re a fan of vintage Singers (and other sewing machines). Sewing machines are now highly technological, but the antique and vintage sewing machines hold a lot of potential for repurposing. June 13th is #NationalSewingMachineDay and we’ve found five top ways to repurpose your vintage sewing machine into a stylish and practical new piece for your home.
First, a brief history of the modern sewing machine:

In the 18th century, several attempts were made to mechanize sewing in Europe. Many of these attempts were highly controversial and it was feared that they would put an end to the fine art of hand sewing. (These fears were justified.)

On September 10, 1846, Elias Howe received a patent for the first American sewing machine. In 1850, Isaac Singer began mass producing a treadle-powered sewing machine, and this too sparked controversy, this time between Howe and Singer over the similarity of their designs. Singer lost the patent dispute, but won the ultimate war: his name was and is practically synonymous with sewing machines.

Fast forward through the years when we still had a foothold, to electric sewing machines and the last generation of housewives who lovingly sewed clothes for themselves and their families. Many of us still have leftover machines and furniture cabinets that our mothers or grandmothers once proudly owned and used. If sewing isn’t our thing, here are some ideas on how to use a piece with such high sentimental value.