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Decorating a boy’s room can be a tricky endeavor for most mums who do not understand the needs of the boys. Should it be minimalist or eclectic? Should it be contemporary or modern? What kind of furniture should be used? Indeed there are many questions one can ask. A simple guide and tips on how to decorate a boy’s room are discussed in this article.

Furniture that is Suitable

When choosing furniture for a boy’s room take into consideration that the furniture should be strong and of durable quality. This takes into consideration the constant wear and tear the furniture will go through, therefore buy furniture that can withstand the wear and tear as well as can accommodate a child well into his teenage years. Also consider the style of the furniture make. Styles suitable for girls should not be used in boy’s rooms.

Wall Paint

The color blue is considered a boy’s color; you should therefore have the room painted in different hues of blue. Other neutral colors such as lavender, beige, ivory and taupe can also be used. These can be used either as is or with their undertones to bring out a great color for the boys room.


The flooring you choose for the boy’s room should ideally work well with the wall paint. You can thus have neutral colors that coordinate well with the wall painting. Adding area rugs can also be great, but choose rugs that will withstand constant wear and tear.