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Deck Gates to secure your deck

Decks create extra outdoor living space at your home. For your deck space, a suitable gate is an important safety feature and can also serve as a stylish way to finish the deck. Based on the type of deck you have, there are several different materials that you can use for your railing so that it fits your deck and landscape perfectly. A well-built deck with a gate make that space more enjoyable for years to come. Here are some materials you can use for your deck gates:Deck Gates  65

  • Wood: Gates made by wood are most widely used gates for decks. Wood is among the simplest of options for deck gates and is the most inexpensive but goes great with a wooden deck. They can be designed and built in many forms. There are many gate styles available like classic gates, cedar deck gate, folding gates, snap-tight gates, tall gates and bead-board gates. Use of wood naturally compliments the deck.Deck Gates  64
  • Vinyl: Vinyl gates are made to match any style of decks. These gates are simply the highest quality gates, coupled with extremely low maintenance and upkeep costs. Vinyl gates are the best form the option, as they are easy to make and can be customized in any color.
  • Composite: Composite gates have a clean and fresh look and require little ongoing maintenance. They are durable, low-maintenance and easy to use in different climates.Deck Gates  34
  • Metal: The most common types of metal gates are aluminum, galvanized steel, and iron. Usually these gates have a slimmer profile than wood, which makes them less likely to block the view of the landscape around it. Metal gates can be custom made to match the architecture or to create a new design

By using various materials, there are many options available for use to take your deck gate to add value to your deck space.