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Decorate the Patio using Concrete Stepping Stones

One of the easiest home project for homeowners is laying concrete stepping stones  which can be created to make the pavement decorative around the open area around the home.

In order to make stepping stones, create a work area inside the home. Place newspapers and plastic sheets over the surface. Start preparing the mold on the surface of the workstation.  Make sure the mold does not get stuck to the surface of the pan.Concrete Stepping Stones  08

Use oil or Vaseline before preparing the mold. Once the mold is ready, open the packet of cement and use it as per the direction given on the packet. Mix the cement well and add it over the mold. Mix the cement all over the surface with mold by pressing it from all sides. Leave the molds for 60 minutes and wait till the stones get set properly. Now you can start decorating the  concrete stepping stones.Concrete Stepping Stones  94

You can start placing glasses and the colorful items which you want to use on the stepping stones. Even if the items or glass pieces gets some concrete over it, once it gets dried you can wipe it with the cloth completely. In case, if  you want give handprint over the concrete stepping stones the carefully place the cement over the molds and wait till it gets dried a little. Apply oil or Vaseline over your hand and gently press it over the mild surface of the stone which imprints your hand shape.Concrete Stepping Stones  19

You can even make use of stamp letters, different figure to be imprinted over the stone. Once you finish decorating the stones, then leave the concrete stepping stones untouched and let it remain in one place for 3 days. Once you are sure that concrete stepping stones are ready to be used for decorations, you can place them at the fixed placed marked in the patio or on the sidewalk.