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Sliding panel blinds are the best solution for all kinds of rooms

Sliding panel blinds are an exemplary solution for covering patio doors, oversized windows and sliding glass doors, both at homes and offices. Mounted to the wall or ceiling, large fabric panels slide back and forth on a track for effortless operation and have the ability to stack complete clear of the door or window when in the open position. These panels are often used as a proxy to vertical blinds. These blinds open from the right, left or center, something that makes them the perfect solution for large windows or sliding doors. When the blind is open, the panels stack behind one another; while sliding them closely, they form a fabric display panel for light filtering and effective privacy control.Sliding panel blinds  02

A significant advantage of sliding panel blinds is the ease of their use. They are definitely perfect options for homeowners with limited mobility since it means that they can use sliding panel blinds to easily separate the areas of their houses. When the panels are opened, they move in a direction similar to that of the opening sliding door. In addition, these blinds generally remain low maintenance and clean since they will not gather dirt from outside or brush against screen doors.Sliding panel blinds  56

They are quite contemporary looking and glossy, while at the same time, help save space. The numerous styles, fabrics and colors from which to choose are probably the best features of sliding panel blinds. A panel glide system offers a contemporary way of providing sun protection and privacy in both commercial and domestic installations.Sliding panel blinds  78

The innovative solution for sliding doors and bi-fold doors looks outstanding in traditional or ultra modern interior design schemes. Panel glide blinds are capable of transforming any room with their sophisticated and cultured look.