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In love with leather dining room chairs? why, try one of these!

If you’re in love with leather chairs, and want to choose one for your dining room, you’re at the perfect place! Here, we bring to you the three best leather dining room chairs that could help perfect your dining room. These are not only stylish, but also go with any and all color preferences. Some of these go back to the 18th centuries where they were a rage among ladies and men alike. Here we go!


It is an armless, upholstered chair that has a petite shape and a rather low seat.  If space is scarce around your home, a slipper chair is a good option for a leather dining room chair. It origin can be traced back to the 18th century where it was a general need among Victorian era ladies especially as an easy chair to get in and out of when slipping on shoes. Hence the name, Slipper Chair.


It is an upholstered, roomy armchair with extra deep seats. It has leather upholstery and a nail head trim. The club chair’s name often connects it to a gentleman’s clubs, but it actually originated in the chic design studios of France under the name fauteuil. It means ‘comfortable’. The Club Chair is frequently spotted in pairs making up a cosy nook or as the ideal companion alongside another dining room chair.


It is an easy to spot chair, usually due to its winged sides and a typically elevated back. The size of this chair also marks it as an ideal replacement for a sofa. One of their favourite uses includes using them as end chairs at the head and foot of a dining table. The usual purpose of this chair’s side wings though was to protect the inhabitants from drafts and the heat from a raging fire.

So, these were the three gorgeous leather dining room chairs that you could choose from. Not only are they stunning in appearance, but are also extremely comfortable. Which one did you like the best?!