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Making your Own Antler Chandelier

Antler chandeliers are of significance importance for the home. They enhance the interior décor of your house. Apart from brightening up the atmosphere, they contribute in making your property look beautiful and adoring. The antler chandelier expresses the spirit of true craftsmanship. These can be installed anywhere in the house. Mostly, the antler chandeliers are installed outside the house in galleries and balconies but it is not necessary that they are used in these places; the chandeliers can be placed in the living rooms or the dining rooms to make them brighter and beautiful. The antler chandeliers have a direct impact on the onlookers and these are a way of increasing the value of your property.


The antler chandeliers can be made easily at home by following some easy steps. The first step in making it involves, finding right antlers that are then covered up using different types lighting material. The antlers can easily be purchased from any hardware store.

Choosing the perfect Antler

Choosing the chandeliers can be somewhat tricky. Always choose the ones that fit according to the color of walls and overall furniture of the room. Moreover, also look for the right size that would fit perfectly in the place.

Buying a Chandelier Kit

The third step is to buy a chandelier kit for yourself so that you don’t have to explore everything separately. The chandelier kit is easily available in the stores, due to the increasing trend of DIY chandeliers; the chandelier kits are easily available.