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Reissue of the 007 look: modern mid-century design ideas for your home

Since its inception in the 1960s, James Bond has been an icon in Britain and around the world. There is not a single person who does not know who they are. Everyone knows his classic lines “Bond, James Bond” and “Shaken, not moved”. But the Bond franchise is not only known for the polite spy, but also for the fantastic locations and beautiful decor. The following article will show you how to incorporate a little luxurious aspect of the bond decor into your own home.

Bond decor ideas for your home


Many Bond films have luxurious red, beige, or gold curtains hanging from the ceiling to the floor. Do not buy curtains with gold tassels and heavily embroidered decorations. Keep the curtains high quality and simple. The curtain material should be either nylon, muslin, cotton, silk or velvet. And also buy a rich looking hanging pole. Don’t let your beautiful curtains hang on a weak little pole.

Hang up wall art

The Bond franchise has inspired some amazing works of art over the decades. The most impressive wall art by James Bond are the posters from the films. However, don’t buy wall art with big words. It’ll look gaudy, and Bond was a man of class. Stick to art that contains only pictures and the phrase “007”. Everything else will draw attention to art and not balance with the rest of the room. Another impressive James Bond wall art His cars are the idea. Bond was known for running amazing cars, the technology of which rivals that of a stealth plane.

A home bar

No matter which Bond film you see, there will definitely be plenty to drink. Martinis and cocktails can be seen in the movies, and you should have a small area where you can also pour a glass of whiskey. An elegant and silver house bar brings you at home in a bond film. Be sure to buy a variety of glassware and fill them with limes, olives, and cherries.

Bed set

James Bond never slept on a dirty sheet if he could help. He always had a nice bed that was soft and helped him fall asleep. He may have to camp in the African jungle and sleep in the Borneo caves, but if he were at home, he would sleep in his soft, warm bed. Choose a down feather bed set that is either silver, white, or dark red. When you sleep in a high quality bed set, you not only feel more like James Bond, but also better.

What can you learn from this article?

Bond was a man of style and class, and if you try, you can bring part of his world to your home. Black, white, gold and red dominate the Bond aesthetic. So if you decorate incorrectly, your home may look like a small casino. So choose all your decorations wisely and don’t let one piece dominate over the other.