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Sea Change: 8 tips for renovating the beach house

The sound of waves, the distant screams of seagulls, the gentle sea breeze – yes, it’s official: beach houses are the ultimate way to relax and unwind. The only thing that can possibly ruin your little piece of paradise? A bad decoration job. Maybe after making too many mojitos, you made some bad interior choices (we were all there). Or maybe you are just trying to reverse the design damage of the previous owner, who has taken the carefree attitude of life by the sea a little too far.

No matter what the reason for your sad looking beach house, it’s time to revamp it urgently for the upcoming warm weather. Here are our best beach house renovation tips to make your stay by the sea a true design professional in the shape of a ship.

1-2 Sea Change: 8 tips for renovating the beach house

  1. Protect the beach decor

Yes, your home is by the sea, and yes, it’s called “Beach House”. That doesn’t mean you have to decorate everything in fishing nets, shells or anything else you could find on the beach. The only excuse for having so many fishnets in your home is if you use them to catch a tasty meal. In this case, you can ignore this advice and invite us to dinner.

If you want to incorporate the coastal style into your home, do so in a tasteful way (read: Subtle). For example you could Decorate one of your bedrooms with coastal bedding and complete the look with a couple of coastal throw pillows to give the room some nautical vibrations. Just a kiss of coastal goodness is all you need to make your home feel more authentic and less like a beach souvenir shop.

  1. Let yourself be inspired by nature

Would you like to give your beach house a touch of local flair? Invite the outside world into your home. Of course not in the literal sense (have gulls awful Table manners), but with oceanically inspired artwork and natural elements that you might find outside.

Incorporating natural elements into your home is the perfect way to give your seaside home an extra “swing” on the coast without going overboard. To put this tip into practice, look for furniture made from weathered wood. Use bleached carpets made from natural fabrics to add visual interest to a room. Decorate a table with sea glass jugs. These are all simple ways to improve your beach house by giving it a local personality.

2-2 Sea Change: 8 tips for renovating the beach house

  1. Don’t be so blue

We know that classic blue Pantones is color of the year, but everything in a beach house is boring and over the top. Sorry, but someone had to say it! Blue walls, blue carpets, blue windows, blue chairs – we feel like we do caught in a bad 90s song.

When redesigning your beach house from head to toe, choose a color palette with some bold accents to balance out the blue. For example, bright colors such as orange, coral and chartreuse (a lime green) immediately enliven a room and form a beautiful contrast to navy and sky blue.

  1. Lighten the living room

It would be difficult for you to find a beach house with a dark living room. Beach houses are popular for their mood, where you take off your shoes and stay for a while. An airy living room that uses natural light is the ultimate place for friends and family.

The easiest way to achieve a bright and airy living room? Paint your walls in bright colors with cool tones underneath that reflect natural light into the room. Look for ways to incorporate unique textures so your living room doesn’t appear too sterile. One of our favorite ways to warm up a beach house? With a grass cover Give a room an elegant and subtle interest.

  1. Slipcovers are your friend

We have all been there before. You will find a beautiful white couch or armchair that is absolute Perfect for your beach house. You excitedly put it in your living room – without a protective cover – because it is perfectly fine without protection, right? (Narrator: It was wrong.)

Sandy children, dirty dogs and oily sunscreen are a constant threat to high quality beach house furniture. If you don’t want to spend your entire summer vacation yelling at animals and children to be careful with your valuable furniture, do yourself a big favor by buying chic seat covers for your furniture. Let this be your new beach house mantra: decorate smarter, not harder!

  1. Be strategic with seating

Unless you are Throw epic parties into your beach house like T-SwiftYou probably don’t have to reinvent the wheel in your seating arrangements. Still, it never hurts to choose furniture that maximizes space and utility.

When renting out your beach house, it is particularly important to choose seating to accommodate guests and their friends. Simple things like an ottoman that doubles as a chair, or pillows that can be used as floor pillows, get your beach house ready for the party (and you’ll get a higher rating on Airbnb).

  1. Mix the old and the new

The best beach houses we have ever seen are those with a treasure trove of interesting antiques and colorful bells and whistles that have been revitalized. Think of old kitchen chairs in light shades or galvanized ice cream containers that have been upcycled into lights, as shown in this beach house from 1932 on Tybee Island, Georgia.

This approach to decorating your beach house has two advantages. First, it gives your beach house a unique look that is guaranteed to impress your guests. Second, it is extremely affordable! Mary Kay Andrews, owner of the 1932 beach house just mentioned, found all her best pieces by going on property sales and looking for unwanted antiques.

3-2 Sea Change: 8 tips for renovating the beach house

  1. Make it peaceful and cozy

Seriously, what does a beach house do if it is not relaxing and cozy? We don’t know anything about you, but we want our beach houses to ask us to take off our shoes and enjoy a fruity cocktail while reading a terrible beach reading that we would never recommend to friends in a million years.

When you redecorate your room, you direct your energy into a calm oasis that invites you to relax. Add a sleeping porch where you and your friends can have cocktails while listening to the sound of the ocean. Buy a few plants and benefit from their mood enhancing skills. When decorating, go ahead and ask, “How can I make this room quieter?” and you have a simple, airy beach house that you can visit every summer.

Stylish beach house, endless summer

Owning a beach house is one thing. Decorating is another challenge. With these design tips, you’re on your way to creating a relaxed environment that puts your brain in vacation mode instantly. Just think: After you’ve officially turned your beach house into a coastal retreat, your winning margarita will taste all the sweeter.