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Top 12 Most Exciting Housewarming Gift Ideas

Whether it is a new apartment, a first house or a retirement home, a new home is a reason to celebrate. And every celebration deserves a gift. New homeowners will appreciate a thoughtful gift, and there are many affordable yet perfect gifts for a wonderful housewarming party.

Scented candle

A candle evokes warmth and serenity like nothing else. Treat yourself to one with a chic holder and a scent such as vanilla or sugar biscuit that makes the house smell warm and inviting. And don’t forget a box of matches or a lighter so that the recipient can light the candle immediately.

Flowers in a pretty vase

Flowers illuminate a room that has not yet been fully unpacked and decorated. They can also add a welcoming scent to a musty room. Buy them in a pretty vase that the recipient can reuse.


Plants offer similar benefits to flowers, but last longer than cut flowers. But they are more of an investment in time and care. So if you don’t know how green the recipient’s thumb is, choose something low-maintenance like a succulent plant.

Door mat

Every home needs a welcome mat, and it’s an item that most people don’t think of. Choose a welcome mat with a sentimental or cute saying or design that will remind you of the recipient.

Tool set

Basic tools are required for everyone, especially for someone moving into their first home. Add a hammer, screwdriver of various sizes, and a tape measure.

Gift voucher for cleaning companies

Moving to a new location requires good cleaning both before and after moving in. A cleaning service gift certificate is appreciated whether the recipient uses it immediately or later.

Fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is a household necessity, but not something everyone wants to buy for themselves. Choose the standard red or choose a chic one with designs that match the decor and taste of the recipient.

Blanket / throw

If you give a warm and soft blanket, the recipient feels comfortable. Soft fuzzy throws are available at any price. Choose one that matches the color scheme of the recipient, or a neutral color that works anywhere.

Robot vacuum

Give the gift of support with cleaning tasks with a gift Roborock S6 robot vacuum cleaner. The Roborock calculates the fastest and best way to clean any room, while sensors prevent it from falling, getting caught, and keeping your home safe.

Custom solar powered house sign

Increase security at home with house numbers that glow in the dark. Solar powered signs are charged during the day so they glow all night. Some even come with batteries that can easily be charged on cloudy days.

Cook set

For the home cook, great cookware makes preparing meals in a new home an exciting adventure. Choose a set with different sizes for the greatest possible versatility. The colors go beyond silver or black. So choose a cheerful color to brighten up the kitchen.

Deluxe coffee machine

Deluxe coffee machines do more than just coffee – they can offer a variety of hot drinks, from coffee to cappuccino to hot chocolate, to warm the body and fill the house with enticing aromas. Add a favorite flavored drink to the machine to start the new day in a new home.

No matter what you choose, if you carefully plan the housewarming gift, the recipient will know that you are taking care of them and they look forward to celebrating this milestone in their life.