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Top 4 home design shops in Austin

Because Covid-19 is forcing us to stay in our homes much longer than usual, many of us feel the urge to refresh, redecorate, and renovate their spaces. If you live in the Austin area, you’ll be luckier than most because Austin has a number of stores and home design resources that can help you. Below is a list of our most popular residential design shops in the city, which not only offer the essentials, but also decorative aesthetic pieces that spice up your space and make it feel new.

Lavish kitchen & bathroom

If you want to completely replace your kitchen or bathroom, Lavish Kitchen & Bath is the right business for you. While you have a showroom on Domain Blvd, you can also visit it your website to learn more about how they work. Whether you’re just looking for inspiration on the work they have done in the past or want to hire them to design a brand new space for you, Lavish Kitchen & Bath can help. We especially love the way they offer free customer advice that can result in a fully bespoke design and installation if you are looking for it.


If you want to redesign your bedroom, a new mattress is one of the most important parts you want to invest in. Perform an online search for “Mattress shop near me”Will address some options in Austin, but our favorite store is Amerisleep. Amerisleep sells a wide range of mattresses that have been specially developed for different sleeping styles to offer maximum comfort. Whether you have a bad back and need a mattress that provides pressure relief, or if you have a stomach sleeper and need a firm mattress, you won’t struggle to find what you need. They also offer a wide range of plinths and bedding so you can fully update your space.

Modern redux

Modern Redux started as a small vintage shop selling decorative art and modern post-war furniture. The inventory, worth over $ 250,000, includes fantastic art and home accessories from the Bauhaus era to the mid-1920sthCentury and into the present. Whether you just want some pictures to brighten up a blank wall or you want to redesign your living room with some unique pieces of furniture that no one else will have. Modern Redux is definitely worth a visit. The owner of the store, Kelly Locker, dreams of being the most trustworthy seller of post-war international modernism in Austin. Due to her constantly evolving collections, we would say she’s pretty much there!

Back at home

Back Home is located on Lamar Blvd. and describes his collections as “French Inspired Living”. It’s a particularly popular store in Austin for those who want to give their homes a traditional European flair, and they have a wonderful selection of furniture and decorative items that help people do just that. In addition to selling furniture, they also offer a design service to help customers revive their passion for their home. Back at home has a website That explains more about their service, but for those who prefer personal advice, they can be booked online. Whether you’re reupholstering your current furniture, investing in new outstanding lighting fixtures, or wanting to completely redesign your space in a European way, this is the business you should visit.

Austin has many other home design shops worth visiting, including Uncommon Objects, Urbanspace Interiors and Open Invite. If your home is currently in need of a refresh, you won’t struggle to find what you need!