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Vintage Sewing Machine Garden Decor Ideas

Today we would like to take you back in time. Do you remember your mother’s old sewing machine? These machines have always been an interesting toy for children. On the other hand, most people today are forgetting about these amazing sewing machines. However, if you have one at home, you can easily use it to make a beautiful vintage sewing machine planter.

For a vintage sewing machine planter, you will need an old sewing machine base or table, a wooden box, potting soil and beautiful plants. The first option is to use your old sewing machine as simple tables for your potted plants. Or you can place a wooden box on top and use it as a planter.

For both options, you should find a suitable place to put your old sewing machine planter. Gardens, porch, patio and any other place could be suitable for your vintage planter. If you want to paint the sewing machine table or wooden box, you will also need different colors. Either you can draw arbitrary shapes or paint them randomly. Also, it is better to use wood preservative paint to make it more resistant to sunlight or cold.